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Solitaire Atlantis

Ancient evil threatens Atlantis. The guardians of the oceans rose up to defend it, but they cannot stem the tide of darkness on their own. A great deck of power was lost through a portal that leads to our world. Whoever can master this powerful artifact can defeat any evil. When two young adventurers stumble upon the deck, they are drawn into this ancient conflict. Join our heroes and experience Solitaire in the magical and perilous place that is Atlantis!

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Dominic Little

I had to uninstall this game permanently. I have contacted you numerous times but did not get any response. the game keeps closing after I play a few seconds. then it will just reload over and over. I contacted Qublix and they said it was a problem by the developer. they had me try everything they knew but it did not fix it. So I guess after playing for so long I now have to give it up.

Mrs. Anita Reynolds I

This game was my favorite solitaire game. I had troubles with the app crashing but I've been able to play the game without any crashes for quite a while now. Thank u. I love this game.

Lexus Schoen IV

I cannot give you an all out rating is zero,,,zilch,,,,,,natta,,,,,nothin,! all I get is a white screen....I have 4 different devices and a desk top computer and all I get is a white screen.....thanks for nothing. dissatisfied in Erie pa....

Jedediah Aufderhar

I love this game and have been playing for years. All of a sudden, it keeps crashing. Its becoming frustrating. Please fix the issurs so i can continue enjoying this game!!

Jeffrey Carter

I love this game but it keeps closing in the middle of it and it gets very frustrating. I just uninstalled it and re installed it and it cuts me in the middle of it again !!!

Prof. Merritt Pacocha V

Been crashing for 3 weeks! 0n my phone. Solitaire Tales works great. So what's with this one guys? Plays for 6 moves and then closes. I send you feedback. Fix the thing. I'm on Level 1654. Been playing this for years! HELP!

Marlen Christiansen

Made in game purchase and was not issued what I purchased. I sent 3 app and 1 out of game with no response or credit given!!! The game is great but I can't continue so I would like a refund or my credits so I can play or go to a game that will let me. Thanks.

Dr. Nathan Denesik

i love this game but recently it keeps stopping e every time i start playing it it cuts off can't understand why i keep sending in to google but no response.

Miss Tressa Casper DDS

When I spend money to get what I need to finish a board it knocks me back to the map and I have to start that level all over again. Guess you need to make dang sure you have tickets before you start a level and want more cards to finish with.💭💭💭

Dr. Liza Johns

i was very much enjoying this game and was doing pretty well but today it has knocked me out of Facebook so ive lost levels and each time i try to log back in it says there is a problem.