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Draw Cartoons 2

Discover one of the most exciting and fun ways to express yourself through art. The complicated process of producing cartoons just became an easy task. The app takes care of every aspect of creating cartoons, from drawing characters to publishing.

Enjoy the new characters constructor and new design

List of features
* Building smooth animations by keyframes
* Embedded library of characters and items
* Character constructor (you can create items from scratch or using templates)
* Voice over cartoons or add music
* Export and video files (mp4 format) and sharing them

Some features need to be unlocked through in-app purchases.

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Prof. Cole Veum II

I looked app, after app, to try to find a decent animation app... there was a point where I thought I was hopeless... intill I found this. THIS APP IT AWESOME!!!! IT EASY! The only flaw was that I couldn't share my progress with my friends on Messenger.

Addie Howell

I love this game however, I have one suggestion .Make it easier to create charaters pls.Everyone should have this game!!! 🌝 I have no clue why people would hate this game.Everyone who plays it loves it!

Hayley West

It is very fun and amazing I can now make cartoons for YouTube on my channel but one thing how can I go in my files so i can download more characters and packs.

Madelynn Abbott V

Awesome stopmotion styled Animator. If I may make a Request:What about adding imported Videos in the Background of your Animation?

Prof. Fermin Kemmer

This is a great game, easy to use, and great user made content. The only problems were that the search bar doesn't work, constant ads every time you set up a cartoon, you have to buy an add on for some things, and you can only make 4 custom characters. Other than that it's a pretty decent game.

Laron Rice

It's a great app, trust me, but one flaw with this is that I want to download figures to this app, and it won't show up. Otherwise it's good!! Give it a try!!!

Prof. Mariah Bartell

I make GREAT Animations with this people say its bad but they are wrong and if you are reading this comment you could make good animations with hard work

Prof. Ethan Fay

i love this app!!! it IS easy to make cartoons with and i have already made about 7!

Elsie Schmidt

i love spending my time making cartoons because there is so many objects you can animate and i dont understand why anyone would hate this amazing app (the end of my great review)

Prof. Easton Pollich

this game is great and really easy aswell! I don't think I have anything negative today about it and I love the way you can draw whatever you like and make it a little cartoon