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Requirements: Android and above

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Windchill Calculator

Are you a year round outdoor sports enthusiast? Catch yourself trying to figure out just how warmly to dress or realizing you didnt put on enough layers after its to late? Dont be caught blind anymore. In the winter windchill is a huge factor to figure into your outdoor activities, especially when you're on the move. With this app you can figure out what the windchill will be before you're in motion.

-Special Thanks-
Dan for pointing out keypad, auto-clear, and tablet issues
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  • 3 days ago Henry Hutchinson

    Works good for me.

  • 4 days ago HRH Princess Ulrika of Sweden

    the old version was much better. this app restricts air speed to 200kph so if you are flying at 10000m at 1200kph thru minus 60°C how much is the windchill? well the old app did it. The update has not corrected the wind speed display, even if it accepts higher speeds it won't display speeds more than 200kph. The app has ads that you can never permanently get rid of. They force you to watch their ad to get rid of the ads for 24 hours.

  • 1 month ago Vadim Koyla

    Great tool! Accurate! Tells me exactly how cold it feels outside!

  • 1 month ago Patrick Kelley

    Why go away from something that was working well But the wind speed in put the temperature and and calculate a don't put it on a wheel words hard to determine and factor

  • 2 months ago Allex Flores

    pretty cool. it's incredibly easy to use.

  • 2 months ago Michael Jones

    great little tool

  • 2 months ago Kunal Dodeja

    Thank you for adding 200 mph

  • 3 months ago Matt Crawford

    Doesn't go above 60 needs to go over 120....

  • 5 months ago Kevin Chatfield

    works good for me just fine

  • 5 months ago Adrianne Bevan

    it was quite good until the update. then a cutsie dial entry replaced a simple tired on entry and it now takes longer to get the answer. i have deleted my so and am looking for a new one.