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Switch Mobile Transfer

Switch Mobile Transfer allows you to backup and restore your mobile content such as contacts, pictures, and videos from your old device to your new device over Wi-Fi.

Editor's Note

Switch Mobile Transfer is a pretty useful app whenever you need it to use. You can download the latest version of the app which is 2.6.5 from our website for free. Switch Mobile Transfer apk can be installed to any android devices such as smart phones, tablets etc. You also can check out the website by clicking the link in the description that we put for you in case if you wonder or need. Supported android versions are Android 19 and above. Also please don’t forget that we provide you to download original apk file faster than any other platform that you are going to find. Thank you for choosing our website. Don’t forget to check out other apps those we provide at best maximum download speed.

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Aimee Ortiz

great app, battled for months to do tranfer from old to new phone, with this app its, done. Thank God for the creative mind that did this one, easy to used, quick and all around awesome. please send me the list of app you guy have, more than happy to try. Thank NeoPrime WILL BE RECOMMENING TO OTHERS

Prof. Rodrick Goldner

Holy Cow! It's that good. After google-ing and fighting for hours and hours with Synch, Backup/Restore, Resets, etc. I luckily found this app. It was so easy, and it perfecly moved all of my Contacts, Call logs, and Messaging threads from my waaay outdatec Samsung Galaxy S4 (yep, that old) to my brand new Moto G7 (love it so far). It will also move photos and a bunch of other stuff which I didn't need to move (I simply moved the SD). Congrats on this app which is EASY and WORKS as advertised.

Elwin Stanton

Simple, easy, tap here, there and your done! Just know that you want to transfer what apps to your new phone and it moves the files for you. Super easy, Super quick!

Clarissa Fay I

great app... a little on the slow side but thats ok. Just make sure you have a stable and secure wifi if you use the wireless option otherwise it just fails over and over again. i used the mobile hotspot on my new phone as my wifi and it worked great!!!!

Marie Stracke Sr.

Upgraded from a phone that was old and broken. My phones are both really warm and it took a while to transfer my stuff, but to be fair I had a LOT to move, and needed to charge both phones while I did. It was pretty alright all said and done.

Alta Doyle Jr.

This is a good app that helped simplify transferring all my data from my old Android phone to the new one. It was quick and very easy. I had tries some of the more highly rated apps and found them to be worthless. Highly recommend this app.

Herbert Predovic

Useful, but the progress bar was stuck at 15% the whole time, and the video progress bar kept going back and forth between 0 and 1%. After an hour I stopped the transfer, and the app showed it did transfer most of the files.

Kaden Green IV

This app was so useful and easy to use. Way way way easier than any of the other things they were suggesting to transfer data between new and old cell phones. If my technologically challenge self can this anyone can!

Sandra Durgan Jr.

This is the best ever. I've tried others that didn't work between the different devices but I have used this one several times and I have yet to come across any that this won't work with. It is very easy to use and allows you the option to choose exactly what you want to transfer. I highly recommend it.

Prof. Emelia Stanton

Its really amazing and easy to use. I used it to transfer from my galacy s7 to pixel3xl. while samsung smart switch and googles own tool didnt help much, this tool was easy to use and transferred everything. The connection did go off a couple of times. But reconnecting doesnt duplicate the items that were copied.