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Here are few tips and tricks that every do-it-yourselfer needs to know.

Our guys at Hillcrest Plumbing want you to know some things that they don’t teach in high school but they can save you hours of time, hundreds of dollars, and certainly insurmountable amounts of frustration as you go about your plumbing projects as a beginner.

1. PVC and CPVC pipes are two entirely different things. If you go to the store and do not know which one to ask for, you risk buying a pipe that will not be able to do the job that you need. Even the way we measure these pipes are different, so not only will the pipe likely not fit, they both do different things.

2. CPVC pipe is much more preferable for hot water.Typically professional plumbers will use PVC pipe for cold water and regular water lines and CPVC pipe for hot water lines or things like a dishwasher or a washing machine that often have hot water running through them.

3. They are measured differently. For PVC pipe, one would measure the diameter of the inside of the pipe. Whereas with CPVC pipe the measurement is taken based on the diameter of the outside of the pipe. A simple solution to make sure that you get exactly what you are looking for without having to go the store over and over again purchasing the wrong product, is to take a small piece of the pipe that you are looking to fit and replace. The people at the hardware store will be able to tell you what type of pipe it is and the correct measurement.
4. Another fun fact: When dealing with PVC, you may find that there are two of everything! If you look a little bit closer at the fine print on the packaging there will be a little indicator to tell the two apart. One will have the indicator schedule 40 which is meant only for the use of pressurized hot water lines. The other indicator will read DWV. DVW indicates that these pipes are meant for drains, valves, and waterlines.

5. Though there are many different types of pipes, they do make universal cutters for all of types that may be worth investing in.

6. It doesn’t stop with different types of piping. There are also different types of products for each kind of piping as well. So if you need glue, you need to make sure that the glue coordinates with the kind of pipe you intend on gluing, which of course means that you have to know that there are different kinds of pipes and the kind of pipe that you are trying to glue....
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