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Sling Drift

Fast action drifting with your car around an endless race track.

One tap easy to learn controls with addictive gameplay.

How far can you go?

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Deshaun Pfannerstill

it's quite good. love the little choice between races and endurance. however, I have found on numerous occasions when I press \"second chance\" watch the gosh awful advert. I can make only one turn, and when I get to the next turn, it tries to hook up the rope to the previous turning spot, rather than the one i am at. very frustrating. this makes the entire \"second chance pointless\"

Moses Kreiger

fun game but buggy. after clicking second chance and getting an ad, sometimes it doesnt work. ive had it where it just doesnt click onto the next swerve, or where it clicks onto to a previous swerve far behind, or the worst, when it goes off the road and just drives into infinite green. this should be fixed my now.

Lyla Lang

Good game. The turning around bends is not the greatest and you need to add new features soon. I've unlocked all the cars and am on level 10 for the races. Please add new cars and features. People complain about the ads, I just play offline because the ads are awful In this game.

Dr. Joy Vandervort

Interesting idea but my GOD the ads....every 2 runs you are forced to watch 5 sec of an advertisment before you can skip it. I dont mind ads but this is too much. Plus you cant skip it for the first 5 sec. And I thought multiplayer was vs other players but its actually just bots. i played this for 5mins, finished my smoke and uninstalled it. ugh...

Patricia Stroman

Was kinda enjoying the app but got tired of the adds. I purchased remove adds for $2.99 and I still have advertisement showing up. e-mailed the company and will give them a few days to correct problem or refund my money. If any corrective action is taken then I'll redo my review. If not I'll let you know. 1/26/19

Sigrid Reichert

Good game, lots of cars to choose from, maybe some cars could have certain power ups to use. Whenever I use the second chance (watch the ad) after this the game either crashes or when I try to sling the next corner, my sling shoots to the previous corner which is far away causing me to crash. Please fix thanks

Esteban Rowe

Very heavy in terms of ads, fair enough people need to make money right? Only problem is when you score high and it offers you to resume at the cost of watching a minute of ads, when you get past the ad the control sometimes doesn't work making you crash. I can have a lot more fun with other games.

Dr. Moriah Oberbrunner

i love this game. i cant put it down. it is so smooth and relaxing! my high score is only fifty somthing. it is a LITTLE hard but i highly recommend getting this app. 5 stars for sure!!!!! btw: try to stay in the middle lane. it helps!

Prof. Maximo Murray

Its an okay game, but the fever mode makes no sense, in the fact that if sling out of the middle lane and end up on the shoulder, it says \"perfect\" but if i straighten myself back up it will bring me out of fever mode. I'm at a loss to figure out what the game considers a perfect turn.

Wendell Blanda Sr.

fun game however i cant propetly mute sound, second chance doesnt work most of the time, no option to pause...all the cars feel exactly the same. needs some improvements.