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Mexican Train

Mexican Train is a twist on a domino game. The object is to be the first to complete your train (chain of dominoes) in several rounds.

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Braxton Hansen

i havent noticed any of the problems noted by other reviewers. i can win against the other players and the play seems consistent with the implied rules. (No run at the beginning, extra turn after a double, doubles must be covered before anything else can be played, others can play on your train after you have to draw and cant play)

Mose Paucek

Definite bias built in as to which computer player is likely to win. Time waiting for computer player could be shortened to increase game play. Does not follow rules of actual game completely, but is close. One big minus; it is a huge battery drain. Four or five games and your phone is flat. Those points being made, game is engaging and on higher levels quite challenging, I find it hard to put down sometimes.

Mrs. Irma Gibson

Perfect execution. Clear graphics. Good speed. Good AI. Minimal sounds. For those wanting to see the starter number just drag a started player down to see their whole train. Have beat every difficulty, don't see any cheating like in some games. Bravo!

Prof. Payton Kuvalis

Love it. The only thing that I find off rule, is being forced to play a tile for an opponent who is 'stuck' and thus becoming stuck yourself or losing a game because of it. Outside of that... this is my favorite game.

Alfreda Fritsch

I downloaded this because I've been playing the tabletop version and I'm so confused about what the rules are to this version. You don't start by making as long a train as possible and sometimes you have to draw for seemingly no reason. It's better than the other app version I found but listing the rules somewhere would be nice so maybe I'd know why I keep having to draw from the bone yard when I'd normally be able to play in the tabletop version. It's not the worst but super confusing.

Darion Carroll I

vreat game but doesnt allow u to straighten ur dominoes until its ur turn the bone yard is extremely annoying as it does the same thing and stacks them on top of each other. Also tge game cheats. if it seems like u will go out too early it blocks u. it allows others to play twice and skips them when u can play on their end piece. very frustrating but still the easiest and user friendy one I've downloaded so far.

Mrs. Kailyn Gorczany

Fun game but very difficult to win. I have used the hint button to see if my chances of winning go up, they do not. I used the hint button for 4 straight rounds and was outscored by over 100 points. Do not use the built in hints.

Mr. Donnell Schneider DDS

I like this game because it has the button to arrange your tiles in order (I'm lazy) and it has a button to point out the best next move (although I'm better at that). I love coming from behind to win!

Mrs. Nora Stamm IV

it sucked. i never heard of the game, therefore not knowing how to play the game one would think there would be instructions for those of us who have never played before. so I just muddle through it, to the Finish, scratching my head wondering well hell how do you play this game. a little instruction would be great thank you delete

Prof. Zoe Prohaska Sr.

This is a good version of Mexican Train. I like the fact that you can change the number of players and the difficulty level. Someone wrote a review that you couldn't win against the computer. I've won 3 times and I have had the game less then a week.