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Package Name: com.dhxmedia.mmm

Developer: Epic Story Interactive

Category: Free Puzzle Games

Publish Date:

Version: 1.1.2

Requirements: Android 17 and above

File Size: 29M

Massive Monster Mayhem Match Screenshot
Massive Monster Mayhem Match Screenshot
Massive Monster Mayhem Match Screenshot
Massive Monster Mayhem Match Screenshot
Massive Monster Mayhem Match Screenshot

Massive Monster Mayhem Match

Prepare to Match-down! The Earth is under attack by Master Mayhem and his league of monsters from the hit TV series, MASSIVE MONSTER MAYHEM! Quickly match tiles to defeat massive monsters and enter Mayhem Mode to unleash total destruction! Experience the ultimate puzzle brawler, throw down with giant space monsters, destroy buildings, shoot lasers out of your eyes, fight angry cheeseburgers, and unleash MAYHEM!

Do you have what it takes to defeat Master Mayhem and save the Earth? Because if you lose, we are all doomed!


• Match tiles to power up, damage, and defeat giant alien monsters in epic battles!
• Switch your Champions and Monsters mid-battle to perfect your strategy!
• Enter Mayhem Mode to unleash total destruction!
• Equip and use special powers and abilities in battle!


• Throw down with all your favorite 600 ft tall alien monsters including RoBro, Me-ouch!, Eye Eye Eye, Teensy the Tri-Terror-Tops, Dome Diddy Dome, Major Disappointment and Macho Cheese!
• Battle unique monsters only found in the Massive Monster Mayhem Match game, like Treevenge, Ink-E, Buzzerfly and more!
• Tussle with evil mini-monsters exclusive to the game including Dumb Bill, Cheese Whomper, Yarn Baller, Bun Bun and more!
• Defeat monsters, recruit them to join your team and build the ultimate fighting squad of both Champions and Monsters!


• Discover rare and epic loot by opening crystals!
• Collect, level up and manage your team of Champions and Monsters and use their powers strategically in battle!
• The more powerful the Champion or Monster, the better their stats, powers and abilities will be!
• New Champions and Monsters are added all the time!


• Build your dream team of Champions and Monsters and bring them into battle!
• Improve your team’s offense, defense and powers by recruiting 5-star Champions and Monsters!


• Fight it out in exotic locations across the galaxy like Mega City, Scumball 5, Planet Waaaah!, UncleArctica and more!
• Train your team’s skills by fighting in Quick Play!
• Save the Earth… So we can all continue to live!
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  • 1 week ago Brendan Beard

    i really like this game but why when you are the final level on the final monster it crashes?

  • 3 weeks ago Verondia Rose

    it's really hard but I still like it

  • 3 weeks ago constance nonyelum

    awesome sauce

  • 1 month ago Haruna Khadijat

    i had always liked massive monsters mayhem until it finished

  • 2 months ago Kiki Adeniji


  • 2 months ago Kris Kieft

    ive seen the show in ABC and i think its a niceclone of Puzzles and Dragons and similar. I do not like that Master Mayhem constantly calls you a baby. i find thst a bit against his character. i already conpleted the galaxy Map and Quick Play is good for a quick itch. will therr ve new monsters or even a playable Master Mayhem on thehe road soon? the new monstees to the game are interesting. and what is this third locked option? later update? hope is worth wait.

  • 2 months ago Nomapha Mvimbi-somersall

    It,s awesome

  • 3 months ago Oghale Ayegheleme

    This game rocks especially the fact that we use heroes and monsters to save the world

  • 3 months ago Emma Keft

    OMG. This is the best Game.

  • 3 months ago Krishna Malla

    This is the best game in the Universe 📣📣📣📣📣📣📣📣📣📣📣📣📣📣📣📣📣Do you hear me