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Because symptoms can strike anytime, UPMC AnywhereCare offers quick 24/7 virtual video visits with a diagnosis and care plan that fit in your schedule. Whether you’re at home, at work, traveling or it’s the middle of the night, AnywhereCare offers patients with non-emergency symptoms quality care online quickly. No germ filled waiting rooms, traffic or parking hassles. Connect with an online healthcare professional in an affordable, convenient and secure way using your smartphone or tablet. If needed, prescriptions can be sent directly to your pharmacy. Download the free UPMC AnywhereCare app and have round-the-clock access to a medical professional at your fingertips.

The following are examples of some of the conditions that can be treated via UPMC AnywhereCare:

• Back pain
• Bronchitis
• Burns
• Colds
• Cold and flu symptoms
• Cough
• Diarrhea
• Flu
• Genital herpes
• Pneumonia
• Poison ivy
• Rash
• Red eye
• Pink eye
• Scabies
• Seasonal allergies
• Shingles
• Sinus infection
• Sinus//cold symptoms
• Sore throat
• Strep throat
• Urinary symptoms
• Vaginal irritation/discharge

For children ages 3 to 18

• Cold
• Flu
• Diarrhea
• Rash
• Vomiting

Your information is kept private and your connection is secure and HIPAA compliant. If you think you are experiencing life-threating symptoms, call 911 or seek immediate medical attention. You must be over the age of 18 to use UPMC AnywhereCare for yourself or a minor 3 years or older.

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Eva Littel

concept is nice but I just wasted 15 dollars. all they told me was go in to the doctors. going in would be nice if I could take time off to do it. which is why I did this in the first place. frustrating......

Kay Crooks

So great and easy to use, took my 10 mins and I even got a work excuse! I highly recommend this app, i did get disconnected once but i just resigned in to the same provider and she waived one of the fees.

Natasha Koepp II

I could see someone right away. They knew which eye had the pinkeye from the video visit, called in the Rx, and gave me care instructions.

Miss Delfina Grimes

Super easy to use, I felt achy from the sore throat so I'm glad I did not have to go to another place. Would use again.

Carleton Ward Sr.

it was great..convient,inexpensive,LOVE THIS, for what i was treated for at 6:44 am i waited 5 mins.instead of 5 hrs @ the E.R. i cant say enough how I Love this app. ALSO Dr. L Martone was wonderful!! Thank you so much for your help

Yadira Rath

I finished my appointment and had prescriptions ordered in the time it would have taken me to get to my car! I couldn't be happier with this service.

Dr. Gardner Zieme

I absolutely love this feature! so fast and convenient. the providers are wonderful!

Loyce Oberbrunner

So much cheaper and easier! highly recommend this be your first stop before waiting time and money elsewhere.

Amani Stokes DDS

awesome to have a provider whenever you need one without leaving the house or making an appointment.

Mrs. Velma McDermott DVM

awesome. feeling miserable I couldn't even get to the doctor so she came to me!