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Developer: Com2uS

Category: Free Role Playing Games

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Version: 5.0.3

Requirements: Android 16 and above

File Size: 34M

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Summoners War Screenshot
Summoners War Screenshot
Summoners War Screenshot
Summoners War Screenshot

Summoners War

Complete the event mission and the monster is guaranteed!

Get the Vampire Lord with powerful skills and play Summoners War!

An action-packed fantasy RPG with over 100 million Summoners around the world!

Jump into the Sky Arena, a world under battle over the vital resource: Mana Crystals!
Summon over 1000 different types of monsters to compete for victory in the Sky Arena!

Assemble the greatest team of monsters for strategic victories!

Summoners War: Sky Arena

Summoners War Official Community:



[Strategic Gameplay]
Witness the dazzling display of each Monster's unique skills!
21 different Rune sets to pick and choose additional abilities for your monsters!
Come up with the best strategy to win battles!

[Endless Fun!]
Decorate your Village, battle other summoners, explore Dungeons, fight in PvP battles, expand your Collection, train Monsters, and more!

[Massive Collection]
Fire, Water, Wind, Light and Dark!
5 different attributes, and 1000 different monsters!
Collect as many monsters as you can and assemble the greatest team!

[Real-time Raid]
Battle as a team!
A real-time battle with 3 users!
Defeat the boss with your fellow Summoners using various tactics!

The Forbidden Summoning Magic has finally been revealed!
You can Evolve the skill of your choice with this special Monster!
Summon Homunculus and show off your strategy!

You can Craft more than 100 items at the new Craft Building!
Craft High Runes, special Buildings, Statues and more with the new Craft System and install them wherever you want!

[World Arena]
Enjoy a real-time battle with users worldwide!
Experience a breathtaking battle that starts from Pick&Ban!
Reveal your unique strategy to the world!

[Guild Content]
A sensational Guild PvP in the Isle of Conquest!
Explore the Tartarus' Labyrinth with Guild Members!
Make your Guild the greatest of all!

[Dimension Hole]
The closed Dimension Hole is now open!
Fight against the ancient power of different dimensions!
Defeat the Ancient Guardians and meet the powerful Monsters with new awakening power!

Access permission notice for gameplay
STORAGE: The permission is required to store game data and will not access personal files such as photos.
PHONE: The permission is required to proceed with in-game events and rewards and will not affect calls.
CONTACTS: The permission is required to sync your friend list and Google Account.
AUDIO: The authority is required to use the voice feature.

※ You'll be able to enjoy the service except features related to above authorities even if you don't give permission to the above.
Summoners War is available in 16 different languages!
English, 한국어, 日本語, 中文简体, 中文繁體, Deutsch, Français, Português, Español, Русский, Bahasa Indonesia, Tiếng Việt, Türkçe, العربية , Italiano and ไทย!
• Items are available for purchase in this game. Some paid items may not be refundable depending on the type of item.
• For Com2uS Mobile Game Terms of Service, visit

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• Privacy Policy :

• For questions or customer support, please contact our Customer Support by visiting
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  • user Danie van der Westhuizen apkdeer profile image
    15 hours ago Danie van der Westhuizen

    Just got account restriction out of nowhere for no reason. Also getting no response from support or anyone regarding this. Best not waste your time with this game, if this is the way they operate. For the record, there is none and never was any software that even remotely fall in any such category on my phone. So a complete ballsup on their part, and now won't respond to man up to the mistake. As you can see in this response, all you get from them is these automated responds, telling you tough.

  • user Wendy Sunata apkdeer profile image
    15 hours ago Wendy Sunata

    I have play this game since 2014, but today i cant play this game like never before, it said service error failed to connect due to a temporary error, im global server, pls fined it up Com2uS

  • user ashton gray apkdeer profile image
    15 hours ago ashton gray

    Is their just a way to make the game less storage like i cant even download it because of the 3 gigs for extra stuff

  • user Aj Smith apkdeer profile image
    17 hours ago Aj Smith

    Please make it where we can send friends a monster everybody wants that it would make the game better

  • user Steam Siege apkdeer profile image
    17 hours ago Steam Siege

    Generally speaking a strong game but damn you guy are cruel to f2ps. I've been playing this game for 5 years and only have every naturally summoned 4 Nat 5* mons. At least the balancing is competent but you starter Mons, especially roid and sieq could use some buffs. Just... cut the poor man some slack will ya?

  • user Cobra Duncan apkdeer profile image
    18 hours ago Cobra Duncan

    Love it

  • user John LeClair apkdeer profile image
    18 hours ago John LeClair

    Looks great but it cost way too much time, energy, luck and money to actually enjoy the game, definitely not worth it to even play causally or for fun. I won't play even if they do improve the game play, and uninstalling Summoners War feels amazing.

  • user Livorio Nolasco apkdeer profile image
    18 hours ago Livorio Nolasco

    Great game /Odds are low but that's part of what makes this game great /Try it for yourself and don't pay attention to the ratings Have fun and enjoy

  • user Mike Largo apkdeer profile image
    19 hours ago Mike Largo


  • user Tiago Silva Rufiniano apkdeer profile image
    19 hours ago Tiago Silva Rufiniano

    Lost data download and always download same data