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Space Arena: Build & Fight

It's the year 4000-something. You are a rookie spaceship designer wanting to prove yourself to the world. Enter Spaceship Arena, an entertainment arena of the future, where only the best of the best rule!

Competitive Multiplayer Online Game featuring layers of deep space strategy and endlessly evolving game content!

- Unique, never before seen gameplay on Android
- Dozens of exciting spaceship blueprints to unlock and build
- Masses of different modules to build with.
- Beautiful space battles to validate your designs
- Beat ships designed by other players to progress in ranks and leagues
- Collect the best fleet in the arena of flotillas and win the star war.

Take your place as the Top #1 ship designer of Spaceship Battles!

This game allows to design and construct spaceships and starships and send them to arena for clash with other players in space simulator PvP battles. Participate in your own space program. Use space engineers to build faster than light battleships, аnd get big star control in your galaxy.


The game supports the following languages:
English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian.


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Prof. Hank Lubowitz I

Really enjoy the game! Enjoyable how you can notice different ship builds that trend as you rank up, and counter them to continue winning at a high rate. I would rate the gameplay a 5, however I can't give a game that doesn't deliver on promises 5 stars. Around level 18 I received a \"free gift\" which was a ship that I could receive when I reached level 20. So I happily grinded up to level 20 only to find that when i clicked the reward button nothing happens. Not good on their word, not cool.

Miss Jermaine Christiansen V

Do NOT do any of the \"Earn free celestium\" offers. Completed one for 1012 celestium, confirmed in-app that it was completed, and didnt get a single bit of the reward. Submitted a ticket to support... crickets. I wouldnt even buy the celestium, you probably won't get that either. Update: They gave me the celestium after contacting them, and told me that I am chancing not getting (with no chance of refund) any with future offers.

Dr. Rita Wilderman

This game is well-made and I'm overall satisfied. I've been playing for about a year. I've made a new account just to re-experience it all again. But it's getting significantly more difficult to afford ships. Ships are becoming unnecessarily expensive for their class; when saving up for the next ship, in my mind I'm like, \"Do I wanna use all my currency to buy this, and stockpile more currency for another 2 weeks until I can buy a slightly better ship, or keep my weaker ship and grind forever?\"

Kane Huels

There are obvious flaws in gameplay. Many times when my ship could have pressed the attack it just sits there letting the other ship heal. Sorry. Wouldn't really happen. I have lost numerous battles due to this imbalance. I've already spent money. Planned on spending more. It's a great game other than that major flaw. Addendum: This game has come a long way. Can't wait to see the new improvements.

Prof. Ethel Mitchell

Entertaining, and vastly improved by the latest update that allows you to to use all your lower level ships. Most of the content is available for free, though it does take a while, and what can be bought doesn't have a significant impact on your ship as someone might just have a layout that's made to counter it. Looking forward to updating this review again in the future, and maybe even spend some more cash on it.

Prof. Florence Hickle MD

Great for the first few levels and then gets awful very quickly. The weapons, armor and engines by level 10 are simply too large to even fit on the ships available at the time so progression slows drastically. In addition, you can't select opponents or change your ship layout after seeing your enemy. This results in a type of rock, paper, scissors gameplay where you pick a type of weapon and armor or shield defense and hope your \"random\" enemy is weak to it.

Alicia VonRueden V

brilliant game, Really fun to play and try and figure out what modules work best.. Would be a bit easier to play if you pay.. BUT THE GAME IS FREE, DEVELOPERS NEED TO MAKE MONEY HONEY! ... Not paying makes it a bit slower but its STILL GREAT FUN. I play it daily and no doubt when im further along i will buy a better ship with real money. Its worth it if you enjoy playing a game!

Maximilian Kuvalis IV

Very unrewarding gameplay loop. Can't sell ships so everything feels like a waste of time. In battles, even though they are meant to be equal and fair, the enemy will always teleport a second after you, so they will always be behind you with an advantage. Tech three is badly designed, so half the time you have tech available that you cannot fit onto the small ships at the start. Great idea, terrible execution.

Mr. Issac Harber

Very fun at first...but then you hit a hard paywall where the ships and guns you need are very expensive and the currency that you can grind out comes very slowly. I know developers need to make money, but I would be more willing pay for a game that's fun and not feel like it's necessary just to keep up

Miss Melyssa Pacocha

Fun until lvl 12, then $$$ or quit. The matchmaking is downright broken. It's not even within the scope of \"you could win if you set your ship up better\", they just pair you up against enemies with ships that have twice as many slots and the only way to get around it is by paying.