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Package Name: org.emsc_csem.lastquake

Developer: EMSC-CSEM

Category: Free Weather Apps

Publish Date:

Version: 2.0.0

Requirements: Android 19 and above

File Size: 3.0M

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LastQuake is the official phone application of the Euro-Mediterranean Seismological Center (CSEM). Designed by seismologists, the LastQuake application is dedicated to alerting populations and gathering testimonies in real time. In only a few minutes, EMSC is thus able to estimate earthquake effects.

EMSC is an international non-profit scientific NGO founded in 1975. Based in France, EMSC federates data from the seismological observatories of 86 institutes from 57 countries.

The peculiarity of EMSC lies in its method of earthquake detection, which is based on:
→ Earthquake witnesses, who are the first to feel an earthquake, and therefore the first informed that an event is happening.
→ Internet and mobile technologies, which allow rapid information collection of the effects observed by witnesses, who are asked to fill in a questionnaire and share photos and videos.

Because information and communication are cornerstones in preventing risky behaviors, EMSC contributes to the reduction of seismic risk by providing to the general public:
→ real-time information
→ Post-earthquake safety tips
→ SMS service that allows victims to notify their loved ones.

* Real-time information and data
* Customizable notifications (destructive earthquakes, earthquakes near you)
* Access to comments, photos and videos by witnesses
* Allows the sharing of information on social media
* Can send SMS to your loved ones if you are in the area impacted by an earthquake
* Provides post-earthquake safety tips

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  • 2 days ago Humberto Madrigal

    Much better than USGS, records every event in the world, not hiding info nomatter where the event ocurred, great job

  • 2 days ago Laraine Horney

    fast and helpful

  • 2 days ago Richard F. Christensen

    Great information

  • 2 days ago Diane Wilson

    I appreciate the information that is on your app I feel is very accurate and informative.. Thank you...

  • 2 days ago Michael Paduano

    i tried various ways to swith on my location (outside) then open the app, open the app then switch on the location (I'm in the Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. area) but when i click earthquakes near me, i get them thousands of miles away. Also, i dont get the alerts. I have my data on, (but not location on usually), set my minimum earthquake to 5.0, distance from earthquakes at 6,000 miles plus or none, but i don't receive the alerts even though there has been earthquakes happen within those parameters.

  • 3 days ago Eric Ellis

    does not use location. using a samsung galaxy note 9. gps is on but app says it cant retrieve current location. hope you fix. in southern california so it is a needed app Response to Dev reply. GPS was on and i was outside. Closed app and restarted phone. still couldnt retrieve current location. 24 sats in view 16 being used, gps ok with other aps. using Galaxy Note9 on verizon with Android 9, kernel 4.9.112 \u0026 June 1st security patch. phone is stock (no mods, not unlocked)

  • 3 days ago George Lay

    easy to read, fast and accurate

  • 3 days ago Pichompi

    very useful.

  • 3 days ago Aris Stefan


  • 3 days ago Eric Wang

    Express info of earthquake