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Chronicles of Crime

Using the same set of physical components (a board and cards representing locations, characters, and items), the Chronicles of Crime app lets you and your friends step into a world of mystery and play out your investigations.

Launch the app, select the scenario you want to play, and reveal a story built from your choices as you pursue your goal: uncover the clues behind the crime, chase the evidence, and find the killer as quickly as possible.

Using the game’s Scan&Play technology, each physical component has a unique QR code which can unlock different clues and events--if the players are paying close enough attention. Additional original scenarios will be available after the release of the physical game via app updates, with no new or additional physical components required.

The game’s VR experience requires only a mobile phone: Players put the VR glasses provided onto their mobile device, then raise them in front of their eyes to immerse themselves in the game's universe and search for clues in a virtual world.

Each game session should last 60 to 90 minutes, and players will find some scenarios connected to others, revealing a larger mystery to be solved...

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Coby Anderson

They are in desperate need of a hint system if this game is to survive. It has great potential but have played two scenarios and both have been a poor experiences overall. They started great but i ended up stuck, scanning every combination i could think of to try and find a critical combination missed (random rather than deduction). Alot of people seem to be saying this about this game, and i would agree. hopefully theyll take feedback onboard. additionally, new scenarios are expensive.

Ms. Pasquale Heidenreich Jr.

phenomenal app for a phenomenal game! I first played this game at GenCon 2018 and was blown away. So glad it's having the success it is. I'm ready for all the scenarios they'll bring!

Allen Satterfield DVM

I don't understand this scam of an app. Bought an extra story on this app on my phone but my iPad (signed in to the same account/Google account) would not recognize the purchase. It's a waste of money and I couldn't even refund.

Velva Haley

Played through every scenario and had fun throughout. Well glad I got this.

Jeff Kuvalis

Scrolling could be a little bit more responsive. But nice app overall.

Ismael Walter MD

Great game and they are constantly improving the techie aspects, twin devices etc.

Nicholaus Leffler

love the game and app which u use to play the game and it works smoothly. I do wish the characters spoke, that would have been awesome and also make it so that we can link several devices together

Leo Raynor

The very best of its kind. You dont miss the opportunity to be a detective and solve the crime.

Orin Sipes

Awesome game (physical game required), but some cases take a logical leap or are programmed poorly.

Augustine Ondricka I

Works perfectly since latest update!