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Package Name: com.freakingfreegames.gorilla.sim.dino.survival

Developer: Freaking Games

Category: Free Comics Apps

Publish Date:

Version: 1.0

Requirements: Android 16 and above

File Size: 40M

Gorilla Battle: Dinosaur World Survival

Enter into the battling world of multiple beasts with city battle survival and dino’s world survival. Play as an angry gorilla kong and create rampage and havoc inside the city in gorilla fighting games. Then go into the world of dinosaur, t-rex, spinosaurus, velociraptors and Dilophosaurus in Gorilla vs Dinosaur Battle: City Rampage. With gorilla attack city, start hunting and revenge missions together in different environments in gorilla games. City battle 2019 and wild gorilla vs dinosaur will be the fighting battle competition of angry predators of jungle in forest adventure game. Combination of gorilla vs dinosaur real fight games is best gorilla fight dinosaur game.

Wild Dinosaur vs Angry Gorilla Jungle Battle:
You must have played dinosaur vs dinosaur fight games but this gorilla and dinosaur battle 2019 will be a best treat for the lovers of gorilla fighting games. Play this jungle adventure and deadly battle with the help of your ultimate gorilla. In this wild animal simulator, Get ready for the adventure 3d of angry gorilla attack & t-rex dino. Wild gorilla vs dinosaur fighting adventure is here for the lovers of dinosaur vs dinosaur fight games. Fight of predators with ultimate battle for survival in 3D safari jungle has just begun. Play as gorilla kong and defend yourself in this mighty dinosaur world in gorilla survival simulation game. Gorilla Battle: Dinosaur World Survival, Let’s have a taste of jungle battle for kingdom and survival against wild dinosaur and big tyrannosaurus rex.

Gorilla City Attack:
Wild Gorilla hunter city attack is all about gorilla rampage, chaos and destruction in 3D fantasy city. Start city destruction for your ultimate gorilla city survival mission. Destroy everything comes in your way and utilize your stealth and cleverness to strike and crush everything like army tanks, military vehicles, police cars and kill citizens with weapons. Smash everything, trample down whole town, trees, smash and dent cars; feel the thrill of disturbing ways and pedestrians from their homes. Choose your favorite while gorilla and start fighting against city police and snipers with flying army jets to shoot you on the spot. This is a gorilla city attack game that you could never be imaging before. In this Rampage game, simulate control your mad gorilla and attack the citizens and destroy the city.

Features in Gorilla vs Dinosaur Battle: City Rampage

↗ Multiple modes of gorilla vs dinosaur real fight games.
↗ Ultimate gorilla city rampage & survival.
↗ Huge safari jungle environment for jungle adventure battles.
↗ Dinosaur world to survive & fighting action in gorilla fight dinosaur game.
↗ Multiple gorillas to choose from as bigfoot gorilla.
↗ Fantasy 3D city area with no shortage of prey.
↗ Gorilla attack city.
↗ Best of gorilla fighting games.
↗ HD graphics & vibrant 3D gameplay.
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