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Package Name: de.bitdroid.spyfall

Developer: Philipp Eichhorn

Category: Free Board Games

Publish Date:

Version: 0.4.2

Requirements: Android 16 and above

File Size: 13M

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SpyFall Screenshot
SpyFall Screenshot
SpyFall Screenshot
SpyFall Screenshot


SpyFall is game you can play with 3 or more players. Each player, except one, will be given a location. One person won't know the location and will be the spy.

Players take turns asking each other questions, trying to find the spy. The spy will try to guess the location and stay undetected.

The game will end after the discussion timer is up. If at that time the spy can correctly identify the location, the spy wins. If the other players can identify the spy, everybody except the spy wins.


- Game moderator: gets you started even if you have never played SpyFall before
- Players library: easily play with different groups of people
- Languages: over 10 supported languages!

Happy hunting! 🕵
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  • 4 days ago Nikhil hugar

    its a fun game to play with a bunch of friends, more of interacting with eachother which makes it even more fun and never ending to play.

  • 5 days ago zombie Slayer

    I didn't get what werewolf online promised for playing this

  • 1 week ago Ranim Hamwi

    Love it

  • 1 week ago Maimunah Iqbal

    it was a really fun game to play at a party, but the only problem is that it isn't on iOS, meaning people with iPhones cant play, and that really excludes some people.

  • 1 week ago shabbir ahmad

    this app is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 1 week ago Kazuma Nagasako

    i submitted my werewolf online account (tanuki123) in menu but never recieved items! plz fix!!!

  • 1 week ago Paul Christian Palqurian

    game keeps crashing. no voting method. scores should be displayed. locations should be displayed also for the spy to guess.

  • 1 week ago iDunnoMapping

    It's a great and fun game without any problems... in the one device mode, on the multiple device mode it is a laggy mess and should be improved.

  • 2 weeks ago i0ey

    Fun game

  • 2 weeks ago Aaron Schif

    Crashes contantly, hangs, and doesn't work with multiple phones. Might be fun if playable.