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Package Name: com.nogame.nogame

Developer: NoGame Ltd

Category: Free Strategy Games

Publish Date:

Requirements: Android 10 and above

File Size: 96M

United Legends - Defend your Country! Screenshot
United Legends - Defend your Country! Screenshot
United Legends - Defend your Country! Screenshot
United Legends - Defend your Country! Screenshot
United Legends - Defend your Country! Screenshot

United Legends - Defend your Country!

Enter the world of United Legends and defend your country now!
Download for free!

United Legends - Defend your Country! is the only game which unites the most awesome, legendary heroes across the history from different countries, and places them on your strike deck, to DEFEND YOUR COUNTRY, in a real-time, PVP, tactic game!
It is our first game - but it is not really a game. If your ancestor's blood runs in you and you take pride in representing your country, it won’t be a game for you as much as it isn’t a game for us.

So, choose your heroes for the battle to defend your castles and represent your country with honor!

United Legends, created by NoGame, is free to download and play, so join us now and prepare for War!

Choose an epic country hero, build an ultimate battle deck to defend your towers, and destroy your enemies to bring glory to your country!

If you want to climb to the top of the leader-board, you have a lot of work to do. You can start by joining a gang, donating and trading cards with your gang members and fight them in friendly battles. It doesn't end there! you must try our special draft tournament mode which enables you to gain gold and diamonds, and don't forget to raid your enemies from time to time, to steal their cards and upgrade your own battle deck.

Hope you enjoy!

- Choose your country, and fight with your ancestral hero(es).
- Earn carts to unlock rewards, collect powerful new cards and upgrade existing ones.
- Destroy opponent's’ towers and win Flags to earn epic National carts.
- Raid your enemies to steal their cards and gold.
- Fight in our special tournament ""Pick 8"" mode to earn additional means for development.
- Join wars between countries and defend your country by winning flags and climb the war leader-board.
- Construct your ultimate Strike Deck to defeat your opponents.
- Progress through multiple Arenas from around the world to increase your rank.
- Donate & trade cards with your gang mates, Challenge them to friendly battles.

Now you are ready to join our awesome real-time multiplayer war game. Unite all your country heroes under your flag, raid your enemies and DEFEND YOUR COUNTRY!
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  • 21 hours ago Venus bezzlebub

    its the same thing as clash royale this is such a RIP off and a waste of space yall go download clash royale

  • 22 hours ago Ricky Bolton

    it a amazing game and free to play I love it it's not a waste of time and rate it 5 stars just like me😁

  • 23 hours ago KALOKOHAN CHANNEL

    I'm in clash royale but this game is better.not really good in graphics but the heroes are awesome!Keep it better...

  • 1 day ago Serubi - Пламен Стоянов

    excellent game

  • 1 day ago MEEK RAYZOR

    im enjoying the game but it does not let me ask for cards or write msjs. can any one help ?

  • 1 day ago Marc Comeau

    needs balancing

  • 1 day ago vladcristian MARTIN


  • 1 day ago Yeo Zheng Xi

    Every card Copies each card from clash royale-SOOO UNoriginal Can u guys make ur own cardsplz?!

  • 1 day ago Christian Kimbrell

    juat cuz ur a copy cat with style

  • 2 days ago matthew kee

    this game sucks your just copying clash royale and the game dont work DO NOT DOWNLOAD get clash royale