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Package Name: com.habyts.agent

Developer: Habyts

Category: Free Parenting Apps

Publish Date:

Requirements: Android 10 and above

File Size: 4.4M

Habyts - Easier Screen Time Screenshot
Habyts - Easier Screen Time Screenshot
Habyts - Easier Screen Time Screenshot
Habyts - Easier Screen Time Screenshot
Habyts - Easier Screen Time Screenshot

Habyts - Easier Screen Time

Habyts is the essential family app that manages screen time, protects your family, removes homework distractions, and motivates your kids…without nagging.

No more excessive and inappropriate screen use during the day – and night. No more struggles to get off screens or wondering if your kids are actually doing homework on the computer. No more frustration with unfinished chores or late tasks.

Habyts combines smart screen time and parental controls with a motivational tasks and rewards system.

Habyts combines breakthrough screen time and parental controls with a motivational tasks and rewards system – in one easy-to-use parenting app for Android and other device platforms.

Automatically manage screen time across multiple devices - at any time and from anywhere. Stop screen time battles before they start - by letting kids earn their screen time and other privileges. Habyts helps you help your kids build good habits for life! Learn more at www.habyts.com.



✔ Easily enforce sensible time limits & schedules
✔ Block harmful websites & protect your kids
✔ Apply rules & time limits across multiple devices – so one hour really means one hour
✔ Pause screen time instantly, or with a few minutes warning
✔ Minimise meltdowns with reminders for kids
✔ Block out homework distractions (while allowing the apps and sites they need)
✔ Schedule when kids can use specific apps and websites
✔ Require regular chores and special tasks to be done…before screen time
✔ Earn points by doing tasks to unlock extra screen time or non-screen rewards.
✔ Block certain websites or groups of websites in scheduled periods or all the time..
✔ Use Reports to see what your kids are doing
✔ Stay in control - by phone or browser - wherever you are



“So after many failed attempts to manage her time before I found HABYTS ……OMG this little gem of a piece of software, I swear, may have saved me from insanity.”


“I like knowing what my kids can do on the computer without checking on them very often… I can monitor how long they do certain things on the computer. Study time increased and social media decreased…I love it!”


“I really, really like the points and rewards system. It worked really well for us! That’s the only way my daughter uses her tablet.”


Real parents tell it like it is – before & after - at www.habyts.com/case-studies.



Habyts is easy to set up and use. Here’s how:

1) Download the Habyts app from Google Play Store.
2) Open the app and follow the on-screen instructions to set up your Habyts account.
3) Install the app on any other devices that your child uses.

Habyts works across multiple devices - even those shared by the whole family. Each family member has his or her own account.



The Habyts Helpdesk provides tips and resources at habyts.com/support. And our Support Team is just a call or email away.
- Email us at [email protected]
- Call us on +(44) (0)203 865 1884 (North America: 011 44 203 865 1884).

Please note that we cannot always help you as effectively if you post issues in the reviews.



Habyts Basic is FREE for a year. Our Habyts All-in-One Advantage Plan is free to try for 14 days with no obligation and no credit card required. After your trial, you can continue to use Habyts Basic FREE for a year or our Habyts All-in-One Advantage and Plus Plans with a monthly (or annual) subscription.

For more information, see our pricing plan, terms-and-conditions and privacy-policy.
We hope you join our Habyts family – so we can help you make screen time work for YOUR family!

* This app uses the Device Administrator permission. (To give you the great service you deserve).
* This app uses Accessibility services. (So you can trust your kids with unsupervised device access).
* Negative reviews of Habyts may be from kids being blocked by Habyts parental controls.
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  • user Austinas Stundzia apkdeer profile image
    2 weeks ago Austinas Stundzia

    Horrible app trash

  • user Rick Hoem - personal apkdeer profile image
    2 weeks ago Rick Hoem - personal

    Tired of having to uninstall and reinstall for \"fatal error\" about every 2 weeks. ... back again ... another fatal error. Now 2 star. And activity notifications at 12:15 am ... if I dont remember to turn off notifications after the reinstall, I get woken up!

  • user Kevin Prow apkdeer profile image
    3 weeks ago Kevin Prow

    Kids can cheat the system for unlimited screen time by repeatedly marking tasks as complete as many times as they want. I'll update my rating if the developers fix this flaw that makes the app useless.

  • user Ben apkdeer profile image
    1 month ago Ben

    This app does not work kids should have freedom

  • user Britney Spears apkdeer profile image
    4 months ago Britney Spears

    Crashed over and over

  • user Mark Gillis apkdeer profile image
    5 months ago Mark Gillis

    I have really tried to give this product a chance. At least 2 years worth of trying. If Habyts was able to do all that it claims, this would be the perfect app. BUT IT CAN'T. I am left with an app that: 1. wants to uninstall itself daily on my device. 2. My 12 year old son can get around the app easily on his android device. 3. on windows computer, my son has discovered that there is a long list of gaming websites he can use in study time. 4. Lately support doesn't even bother to message back.

  • user fart kid apkdeer profile image
    9 months ago fart kid


  • user Brittany Ransom apkdeer profile image
    10 months ago Brittany Ransom

    cant uninstall it and now it wont let me connect to my wifi

  • user Martin Gecko apkdeer profile image
    10 months ago Martin Gecko

    My son got onto my phone and somehow used this app to only let me be able to do stuff on my phone for an hour a day! I have tried so many things to get him to take it off my phone but he refuses. I need to use my phone for work purposes tomarrow ,so I need a way to get this off my phone. Also my son changed my gmail name and picture and i havent been able to change it yet so that is my it is weird. Please help me!

  • user Gavin Lowery apkdeer profile image
    11 months ago Gavin Lowery

    easy to uninstall 👎😁