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Would you rather? Trivia about love & sex apk

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Package Name: com.unicorntacogames.wouldyourather.love.sex.trivia.questions

Developer: UnicornTacoGames

Category: Free Trivia Games

Publish Date:

Version: 4.2

Requirements: Android 16 and above

File Size: 16M

Would you rather? Trivia about love & sex Screenshot
Would you rather? Trivia about love & sex Screenshot
Would you rather? Trivia about love & sex Screenshot
Would you rather? Trivia about love & sex Screenshot
Would you rather? Trivia about love & sex Screenshot

Would you rather? Trivia about love & sex

Would you rather? Trivia game about love & sex, is the new viral game quiz for adults to play and enjoy with your friends, family, alone, with your partner or a call. The perfect app to get to know your valentine on Valentine's date.

We raised hot topics for adults only that you never even thought of. If you play with your hook up or your couple you can know their preferences and their weird tastes to strengthened your relationship with him or her, if they answer, of course. Would you rather trivia about love? A game quiz for adults.

Are you like most of society? Or are you weirder than a green dog? Would you prefer? Are you a conservative person or a liberal person? Do you like spicy situations? Or are you very traditional? How is your partner? With this application you can find answers to these questions for adults. You just have to choose. Which one do you prefer? Would you rather trivia about love and adults questions? Spend a hot Valentine's Day getting to know your date.

Looking for answers to your trivia questions. In this version you can share your favorite questions on social networks and invite your friends to respond to really spicy, funny or compromising things and make decisions regarding love or another thing. See what percentage of people respond like you do. Life is full of choices. The perfect excuse to hot things up after a Valentine's Day dinner.

In addition this game of quiz questions and answers contains a lot of that created by the community. Are you ready to make decisions about love and other things? Can you choose between two absurd situations. Would you prefer?

This question trivia game is inspired in others like it. These are played by most famous youtubers or influencers at some point in their lifes. Fun and spicy situations to know what you think of love and other things. Or what your friends think and what decisions they would make. It's all about choice. Compare the percentage with other users who have played this game. Guess which is the most voted answer. Or realize how different you are from the rest.

You can see the percentage of responses in each situation and see if you think like the rest of society or you are different. Find out which one you prefer. And share your situation.

- Respond and make decisions regarding complicated, funny or spicy situations, and choose.
- You can share the questions that you like with your friends, partners, friends or relatives. Challenge your friends.
- Real-time results updated at the moment of decisions
- Percentages of decision of the rest of the community.
- Send your own questions to see them included in the game quiz
- You can report inappropriate or grammatical errors.
- Database always updated and constantly growing with new phrases.

If you decide to send your own sentences to see people's answers, please mind grammatical errors. In addition, we would appreciate you to respect capital letters in your sentences.

In case you are a youtuber and you want to use our game in your videos please do not hesitate to do it, answer decisions, choose which you prefer by recording a gameplay. And do not forget to share this application with your friends, partner or family.

Please! If you love that game rate us to help us grow up!
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  • 2 days ago Natasha Conover

    The girl popping up is unnecessary, and doesn't really add anything to the game. Perhaps the time making the intrusive chick could have been better spent correcting the grammar and homophobic questions.

  • 6 days ago Sherman Ator

    sex yest game ever

  • 1 week ago Shauna Dailey

    a cool game to See how insink you are with your man or woman

  • 1 week ago bluewolfboy


  • 1 week ago Aaron Collins


  • 2 weeks ago John Marshall

    nothing naughty or 18+ alot of gay and transsexual related questions

  • 2 weeks ago Aaron Cox

    This game is addictive!

  • 2 weeks ago Zachhh yt

    pretty dope

  • 2 weeks ago Avery Chrysler

    Would have rated four if the girl didnt pop up so much, would have rated five if the questions were dirtier.

  • 2 weeks ago James Blazin

    I dont like that it asks the same questions over and over