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Download Bingo Blitz™️ - Bingo Games apk for free.

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Bingo Blitz™️ - Bingo Games

The #1 Bingo Game

🌎Pack your bag - you're going on a bingo journey! 🌎

That’s right - join Blitzy the Bingo cat on a magical, whirlwind round-the-world Bingo party!

Bingo Blitz is the FREE bingo game you need to play!
• Kickoff your bingo bash in sunny Catalina, and choose how many bingo live cards to play - play it safe with 1, or boost your bingo party with 4!
• Check the numbers called out during the bingo games - and daub away!
• Watch out for goodies! Hit the flashing bingo live Instant win to activate extra goodies - including early bingo wins, extra coins and extra power ups!
• Keep playing until ‘Bingo!’ is called..then discover which awesome items you've won, and level up!
• Get ready for the next a cool mini game to keep you entertained during the wait for the next free bingo round!

Join Blitzy & Candace Nelson at Blitzy’s Bakery!

Blitzy has moved on to his next culinary adventure! Blitzy charmed the Queen of Cupcakes herself, Candace Nelson, with his winning cupcake on her world-famous competitive baking show. Now they’ve joined forces to open Blitzy’s Bakery!
Play Bingo games in any room to collect ingredients and bake your way to delicious wins. Each pastry you bake brings you sweet rewards! Even sweeter still, are Candace Nelson’s Special Dishes that are featured on Blitzy’s Bakery Menu! Watch as your rewards and benefits rise like dough as you work your way up in the kitchen!

It’s absolute bingo heaven!

😊 Get Social For an Epic Bingo Bash! 😊
Bingo Blitz is a bingo holiday like no other - and it's even better when you invite your friends to play in bingo heaven too!

• Get FREE BINGO GAMES BONUSES for inviting friends to play! Connect your Facebook to easily send invites and save your bingo games progress!
• Chat away before each free bingo game with your friends while you're waiting for the next bingo live round to play, and even trade cards!
• Share the love, share the free bingo game wins! This is a rewarding bingo bash with your friends!

💥Freebies and Fun Galore in Bingo Heaven! 💥

What’s better than awesome bingo games? Rewarding, FREE bingo games!

• Receive FREE bingo games coins and DAILY CREDITS! Login every day for your free bingo live goodies - what’ll it be today?
• Go on epic quests for even MORE free bingo games credits! Complete awesome missions in each bingo holiday city for extra bonuses as you play!
• Join an epic free bingo tournament! Turn those lucky numbers into HUGE DAILY bingo party wins!
• Win even BIGGER prizes and other cool, free bingo bash rewards in the awesome seasonal and featured bingo rooms! Get playing these cool, limited-time games before they disappear!

PLUS: Complete your free bingo games collections in each city you visit for even more bingo heaven prizes!

Get in touch! We would love to hear from you! You can reach us at

BINGO Blitz contains optional in-app purchases. This game is intended for an adult
audience (21+) for amusement purposes only and does not offer ‘real money’ gambling,
or an opportunity to win real money or prizes based on game play. Playing or success in
this game does not imply future success at ‘real money’ gambling.

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Glennie Kerluke

worst bingo experience ever. so mNy bad things i could say here. the worst of all is that you nevet win any bingos. cost too much to pay, and if you ever do vet to win a bingo you never win bingos back. you spend way more than you ever win. and even when you have a stack of instant wins that your not in control of when they come up, doesnt matter anyways their useless cause you never win with those either. and if youve won a bingo in the race to the finish it will be your last daub and game ends

Lula Bogan

I cannot even put in my birthday for 1948 ! why do you make it so difficult to put in your birthday?!!! :-( :- why don't you have it where you can use your key board instead of the stupid arrows that don't work??!! Is this a sign that it's not much fun to be here and try to play this game?! :-( I've never had this problem on any site but here! :-(

Jaida Walter

it sucks you in with at first but gets very boring not being able to move on to the next room. Unless you can play through 3 level ups you cant move on, every day the same shadow cards. i had 30 of the first 4 shadows in one room. Ridiculous.

Prof. Kip Roberts II

It's fun and Addictive but how does someone win after only 2 numbers are called. This has been happening lately when I play and I think that's cheating. Also why does the count down on people getting bingo go so fast after the first person calls bingo? Love the game just fix those two problems and it will be even more better.

Dana Auer

They push the making money too much. They make quests impossible to finish and the higher up your go the more impossible it is to finish. They give free credits rarely and it's not much when they do. Ppl should have option whether or not they want to do the chef challenge and stuff like that. I hate it.

Prof. Zackery Mills III

I play this game on my phone, been playing for about 8 yrs. I love this game. My eyesight is pretty bad and with the new update it is now really tiny on my phone and can't see so well. The slots haven't changed just the bingo rooms are a lot more crowded and tiny!! Why???

Ms. Brielle Torp

Would rate this higher but first it needs a way for people who don't have Facebook to be able to send and acquire gifts. Also would be a huge improvement if when playing on mobile you could see all 4 cards on the same screen as opposed to scrolling between 2 screens.

Jan Barton

They refuse to let me win in the Blackout Lounge. Don't purchase will definetly lose your money (of course it was my choice to spend my money...but trust me it doesn't help you win) I was allowed to be one number away from winning on a number of occations and the game would end...Don't tell me to play more guys don't give enough credits to play more cards. I can see only a select few are allowed to win. Lighten up a little...let everyone have a chance to have fun.

Amani Rath

I purchase coins and not get anything but ripped off. 5 minutes off play for 10 bucks is not what I call enjoyment. Now my disability is gone for the month and its just wrong that there is no winning when I pay to play. I spend over 100 bucks and dont get nothimg. What the F.... ? Had 1 fun day out of 23 days this month, other than that BB has sucked !

Mr. Mekhi Bernhard

i love this game but the ungiftable are killing my joy of playing. there has to be a way to get the ungiftable items after some many trys. I'm losing intrest because of the number of credits it takes to get ungiftables . i know bb has to make it so they can still afford to offer game but ungiftables need a new meeting of theminds for all theloyal players.