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Package Name: com.fridaylab.deeper

Developer: Deeper, UAB

Category: Free Sports Apps

Publish Date:

Requirements: Android 10 and above

File Size: 63M

Deeper - Smart Sonar Screenshot
Deeper - Smart Sonar Screenshot
Deeper - Smart Sonar Screenshot
Deeper - Smart Sonar Screenshot
Deeper - Smart Sonar Screenshot

Deeper - Smart Sonar

With the most downloads of any Android fishfinder app, Deeper is the best app available for smart anglers. Whether you have a Deeper fish finder or not, this free app is a must-have for planning your fishing trips and maximizing your catch rate. Know when to fish, know where to fish, then measure depth, locate your targets, reel them in, log your best catches and share on social media. All in one app.

Features anyone can use:

• Plan your next angling trip with the app’s solunar calendar and weather forecasting.
• Log every catch with the fishing notes function.
• Map your trip with the app’s mapping function. Download detailed maps (which you can then use offline), then mark your favorite spots.
• Share your catches with fellow anglers on social media using camera mode.
• Discover Deeper fishfinders by running the sonar simulations in the app.

Then take your smart angling to the next level. Sync the app with a Deeper smart sonar and turn your smartphone into a high-grade sonar display (find out more about Deeper sonars at

• Get data to enhance your angling - depth, temperature, lake bottom structure, vegetation, and fish location, all displayed live on your smartphone screen.
• Take control of your sonar readings with fully adjustable sensitivity, fish and depth alarms, a range of display options and a choice of narrow or wide-beam scanner.
• Choose different modes for different types of angling. Use it as a fishfinder and sonar from the shore in standard mode, as a tracker for your lure with ice fishing mode, or map out the waters you fish in boat mode.
• Create Bathymetric maps directly from the shore in onshore fishing mode (only with the PRO+ model) or with a Deeper sonar mounted to your boat (available with all models).
• View and analyse your lake maps on your home PC using Lakebook – the Deeper Data Manager. Login at to analyze your maps and scans.
• Map and mark every ice fishing hole and store data from your Deeper smart sonar for every location in Ice Fishing mode.
• Store all your angling data collected from your Deeper smart sonar with unlimited data storage in the app, then back-up on our secured cloud servers or view it in Lakebook.

Features without a Deeper Smart Sonar
• Solunar fishing activity calendar
• Weather forecast - temp; wind; humidity; pressure; sunset / sunrise; moonset / moonrise
• Fishing log - record GPS coordinates, time, and weather
• Offline maps - download and use offline; mark and save the best spots
• Camera mode with social media sharing – share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+

Features with a Deeper Smart Sonar
• Live sonar readings – see depth, temperature, bottom structure, vegetation, and fish location
• Fully adjustable display – change measurement units (metric, imperial, fathoms); enable depth alarms, fish alarms, fish depth display and fish icons; adjust brightness; choose from classic, day and night color modes
• NEW FEATURE: Adjustable offline maps – easily adjust the display of your downloaded maps
• Manage sonar settings – adjust scanner sensitivity; choose frequency and scanner scope (290 kHz / °15 or 90 kHz / °55); use the sleep icon to pause readings and preserve battery
• Store data: unlimited data storage; export / import to Google Drive
• Choose modes based on fishing type: standard mode (shore angling), boat mode, ice fishing mode, onshore mapping mode, night fishing mode
• NEW FEATURE: GPS Ice Hole Marking – Map and mark every ice fishing hole, and store data from Deeper for each location (works for all models)
• Bathymetric maps – Create and save bathymetric lake maps. By boat (works for all models), from the shore (use onshore mapping mode, works only with PRO+)
• NEW FEATURE: Lakebook – the Deeper Data Manager. View and analyse all your bathymetric maps, then download the raw data at
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  • 5 days ago Raymond Barraclough

    dont know yet

  • 2 weeks ago ROVERWORKMAN_6 #100%savage

    great tech works and shows where fish is but also very affordable and easy to transport

  • 2 weeks ago Gary Chiurazzi

    Love it, works great on my Samsung Note 9!

  • 2 weeks ago Scott Mello


  • 2 weeks ago Adam Hollins

    I've had my deeper pro + from the day they first came out in the uk which I've used at first to help me find fish and map out the lake bed for carp fishing but recently I was on my little bic boat using it and the water was gin clear only 4 to 5 feet deep and the thing was telling me there where loads of fish in the area but I could clearly see all around me top the bottom the lake bed there wasn't a fish in sight only lots of green algae which the deeper was recognizing as fish

  • 3 weeks ago Will Erickson

    Does not work when the screen is off, needs to be periodically restarted to reconnect to the deeper pro+, and drastically drains my Pixel XL's battery when running. tldr: This app seriously sucks. It is unacceptablely buggy considering the amount spent for the deeper pro+.

  • 3 weeks ago Ken Nugent

    Losses connection

  • 3 weeks ago Ruan Lemmer

    I don't know what is wrong with the G ame

  • 1 month ago valdas strazdas

    Perfect devices (especially Chirp+)! I use Deeper every time I go fishing. But lots of app sync issues: not all sessions are saved, some sessions at the same lake are merged, some not.

  • 1 month ago Lawrence Bennett

    exceptional,everything a bank fisherman dreamed of !!!!