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Package Name:

Developer: Mindmill Puzzle Games

Category: Free Puzzle Games

Publish Date:

Version: 1.2.8

Requirements: Android 15 and above

File Size: 15M

Block Puzzle Box - Free Puzzle Games Screenshot
Block Puzzle Box - Free Puzzle Games Screenshot
Block Puzzle Box - Free Puzzle Games Screenshot
Block Puzzle Box - Free Puzzle Games Screenshot
Block Puzzle Box - Free Puzzle Games Screenshot

Block Puzzle Box - Free Puzzle Games

A collection of fun & popular games such as block puzzles & brick puzzles - No wifi games.
Play block game modes like Slide, Merge to 10 and various types of tangram puzzles with different colorful block puzzle shapes: Square, Hexa & Triangle.
Choose between 12 wooden boards of different shapes and sizes such as 8x8 or 10x10, drag & merge lines and find all the stars - A fun and stress reducing collection of offline games for all ages.

How to Play:
Slide the blocks from below onto the board. Each time you build a full line, it disappears.
The game ends once the board is too crowded to fit the remaining blocks - How many points can you get?


Block Puzzle - Drag & merge the jewel blocks onto the board and try to erase the lines. A classic and relaxing puzzle game with different tangram shapes - The most popular block game.

Slide Puzzle - Move the jewel bricks to the left or right side and drop them to fill and clear a line. A fun & addictive time waster.

Make Tens - Drag and drop the bits and pieces onto the board and merge them to a number of 10 to clear the lines.
A relaxing and challenging zen game that trains your brain.

- Relaxing zen games
- Free block puzzle games, forever
- 12 wooden puzzle boards
- 5 free popular puzzle games in one
- No wifi games - No internet needed
- Designed to be playable in one hand
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  • 1 day ago Bic Hoang

    I like hard puzzle games

  • 2 days ago Carol Seed

    it never lets you win. I'll be doing really good, and then all of a sudden it throws 3 pieces that can't be used. You need to make it so players win every now and then. if I keep losing and getting crappy pieces, I'll uninstall the game.

  • 2 days ago Sue Foltz

    I absolutely love the strategy ! I can't stop playing !

  • 3 days ago Helen Marriott

    So simple but so difficult to get high scores. I keep on trying. Lots of different puzzles and layouts are keeping me interested. I wish it would be possible to undo a move when you realise you've made a mistake.

  • 3 days ago Herry Setiawan

    I know the game logic always gave disadvantages. When we need some pattern they always gave the opposite again and again.

  • 3 days ago Maria Beatriz Ramirez

    always stops when i am about to reach the set goal

  • 3 days ago Aiba Lourdes Bera

    challengingly fun

  • 3 days ago Willie Hill


  • 4 days ago Mufida Daoud

    l love it very much

  • 4 days ago Vathsala rajaram

    very interesting...