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Package Name: com.trantrigroup.note

Developer: Tran Tri

Category: Free Tools Apps

Publish Date:

Version: 1.2

Requirements: Android 8 and above

File Size: 626k

Classic Notes - Notepad Screenshot
Classic Notes - Notepad Screenshot
Classic Notes - Notepad Screenshot

Classic Notes - Notepad

NOTES is an intuitive, light weight notepad application that allows you to capture and organize your ideas. The main screen gives you a note pad look-and-feel.

Notes is a good helper to manage your schedules and notes. It gives you a quick and simple notepad editing experience when you write notes, memo, email, message, shopping list and to do list. It makes to take a note easier than any other notepad and memo apps.

Key features:

* Simple Navigation
* Auto-saved. You don’t have to do anything to save them.
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  • 4 days ago Rebecca Chambers

    was really good - until the ADS!! ruined the app

  • 4 days ago James Strain 326

    Great App For Getting Things Wrote Down Helps Me Hella Much Thanks For All Yawl Who Made This App Possible.

  • 5 days ago Artūrs Dumbris

    No undo button- so one misclick loses tons of information.

  • 5 days ago Jen W

    Good but the are no settings options so I can't change the date from US style (2019/07/11) to UK style (11/07/2019).

  • 1 week ago debra marrero

    all of the sudden ads show up and you cant remove them and you cant see where your typing

  • 1 week ago Roel nothanks

    'tworks, auto save, cut ,copy function. But displays ads😐online. anyway

  • 1 week ago Winny Pas

    can you stop ads?

  • 2 weeks ago bopz xxx

    Its ok

  • 2 weeks ago Demetri Broin

    Why is there a save button if it autosaves anyway? I accidentally deleted a portion of a note I've been adding important info to for months. Since there's no undo, I assumed I could leave the note without saving and return to it intact. But no, everything was still deleted, and I have no apparent way to recover it. I've been using this app for years, but it really screwed me over today. I do not recommend using this app to keep track of anything important.

  • 2 weeks ago alberto saravia

    talk about ads and being hacked lol!! stay away!