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Kakuro (Cross Sums)

Kakuro (originally called Cross Sums) is a logic-based, math puzzle. The objective of the puzzle is to insert a digit from 1 to 9 inclusive into each white cell such that the sum of the numbers in each entry matches the clue associated with it and that no digit is duplicated in any entry.

- modern layout
- five different difficulties
- hundreds of puzzles for each difficulty
- auto-save your progress for each puzzle
- unlimited undo/redo
- color input system for experts
- clean interface and smooth controls
- google play games achievements
- phones and tablets support

- selection modes: select first or number first
- pencil modes: automatic or manual
- keyboard configuration: auto, three rows, two rows, one row
- direction highlight: vertical and horizontal highlight
- rule violations: game rule warnings highlight
- sum errors: calculate if the sum is correct or not
- sum combinations: show all possible combinations
- multiple color input (advanced): use different colors to place numbers
- automatic error detection: show errors automatically
- bigger numbers: large font for better visualization

Editor's Note

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Alexandrine Nitzsche

disappointed somewhat ..It doesn't recalculate the notes and the smoothness of taking and placing from notes to the answer. but nice layout. I love the combinations horizontal and vertical

Shanie Sauer

If you enjoy math and logical deductions, you'll like this game.

Travis Leuschke I

Extremely challenging. Like it.

Miss Lempi Yundt Jr.

Thank you for great game!

Dr. Floy Pfeffer

This used to be very good version of kakuro game, but the advertizing in the bottom of the game screen has started to be very disrupting to the player. Many ads are animated and with bright colors, and they affect player's focus during the game. Previously, ads were static and did not affect player. These days I first turn off internet on my phone and then start playing the game, but I will start looking for another kakuro app soon if these ads continue to bother my game play.

Zelda Pfannerstill

Clean and simple. Ads will be ads, then again, all games have them. Checking for mistakes doesn't work for me though. Response: Works fine now. Previously, for some reason, for a couples of days nothing happened when I clicked the button and I knew that i made mistakes since the numbers weren't adding up.

Trevion Zulauf Sr.

Its unfortunate that you cant upload pictures here. I solved puzzle number 1 with all the numbers on the sides being green. Except the game told me my solution was wrong. Either the game is broken, which I dont think it is, or it only accepts one premade solution, even though gh multiple solutions exist. I suspect the latter, which for a logic game is straight up terrible. Still alot of effort obviously went into making this. The core element of the game is just deeply flawed.

Miss Esperanza White V

PROs; This app has a great selection of smallish puzzles, the advertisements are only mildly annoying, and it's only $1.99 to remove the ads. CONs; You can't play offline unless you remove the ads, the clue numbers can be hard to see, only 3 colors to choose from, no large puzzles, and the active cell remains active after you enter a number instead of jumping to an empty cell.

Ms. Lulu Mitchell MD

Absolutely love this game, but it regularly crashes even after reinstall. Possibly an issue with my device (?) but losing progress this consistently is frustrating. Im going to recommend it to friends and will definitely check back in the future. Edit: The crash happened on the first 3 easy packs. The 1st pack had no issue but during the 2nd and 3rd the game simply closed while working on puzzles and all progress for that puzzle was lost. It wasn't a specific puzzle. There was no error message.

Catherine Pfannerstill PhD

It's great, the harder levels are challenging enough. however after i enable Google Play Games, I can't see the timer anymore and the top banner blocks part of the puzzle, is impossible to play. Please fix this. 4 stars also because everytime i exit from a game, even if i didn't play it at all, the ads come up. it's too frequent.