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Mancala, one of the oldest African traditional indoor game, is available for your mobile.
This game is also famous by the name of “Congkak”, “Sowing”.
Get this classic Mancala game with exclusive board to play with your friends Offline as well as Online. Mancala will improve your fun experience via available exciting boards.

Mancala is available with very interactive self-learning tutorials. You can learn the best strategies via mini games.

• Exclusive multiplayer feature
• Beautiful boards
• Interactive Tutorials
• Study different strategies.
• Two Player offline mode

Game play: - Collect maximum beans in your Mancala than your opponent to win the game.

Now Mancala is available with special Christmas theme and new Christmas boards are available. Merry Christmas to you all!

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Linnie Rath

Ummm... that's not how Mancala works. Picking up where the last one lands is the whole point of the game.

Marquis Hane

Too many dam Ads, they show ads before \u0026 after games, when navigating the menu, and even when you Exit the game they show an ad.🤦🏽

Kristofer Altenwerth V

This is the worst game i have ever played! When I play it just cheats and beat you when you have more than the other player. Do not download this!!!!! You are just waisting seconds of your life on this STUPID GAME!!!!!!

Prof. Aleen Connelly

online mode never works. constantly says there's no internet connection, but I have full bars 4G signal. way too many ads

Torey Mitchell

I loved playing this game as a kid, but stopped all of a suden and now years later I find out that i can play on my phone! im so happy i downloaded the game!!

Efren Rutherford

terriable it frezzes and plays a rule that i never sean

Levi Hagenes DVM

offline is good

Hilton Braun

the game is not played right

Clement Cremin DVM

Terrible. It's not real mancala.

Prof. Rusty Parker

Its the same game the old nokia 3310 used to have. Its name was beans then. You need to understand the rules before u start playing. I can feel people have rated so low because they didn't understand why the pebbles get taken and all. I knew the rules so i loved to play it with all the modern look. Back then(2001 and ahead) it was just black n white in 3310 phone. *Smiles*