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Mastermind is a classic mind game: a secret code is given, and you must figure it out using guesses and the hints provided on the puzzle.

Real Code Breaker is based on the classic board game that is also known as Mastermind, Master Mind, Code Puzzle game and Bulls & Cows.

How To Play video:

• BOARDS: 480 free puzzles. All boards are free!
• DIFFICULTIES: 3 difficulties: Easy, Medium and Hard. The harder the bigger the secret code is - extra challenge!
• MODES: on medium you will face repeated colors, while on hard you will face both repeated colors and empty pins.

Enjoy another brain puzzle from Rottz Games.

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Have fun!

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Mrs. Jammie Bailey

For the most part i really like this game and the different levels. It would be nice though to be able to track your best scores or something. The only thing i dont like is that you cant use a color more than once a line in EASY mode. Even though the solution wont have duplicate colors, its helpful to be able to double up as part of your solving strategy.

Mr. Dimitri Hills I

Awesome game! All old favorite of mine back when we sat in front of a board game to play... But we need to be able to play against our friends \u0026 in real time... where are the challenges? We need an update on this one 🌟 then I'll give 5 stars! 🌠

Marcelino Gibson

hard mode is broken. I got stuck in level 1 of hard mode. Saw in the reviews that I'm not the only one. Not so much fun if you get a puzzle which you cannot solve.

Prof. Ally Feest II

Fun. This is not the original, there cant be more than one of the same color, so my old strategy doesn't work. Fun to have to think of a new strategy each time. The only drawback is it isn't a nostalgic experience

Scarlett Moen

Biggest piss off in the world. You can't actually play with the proper rules with 4 pegs, all spots guaranteed filled, and having possibly more than 2 of the same color, and all colors being activated at once. medium is too easy and hard isnt mastermind anymore cause they changed the damn rules. (hard still isnt that hard though)

Zion Walker

This is an excellent version of the classic 'mastermind' type game where you have to guess a pattern made of coloured pegs. Easy mode is like mastermind but max one of each colour in the pattern. Medium mode is like traditional mastermind with 6 colours \u0026 4 pegs. Hard has added challenges of one pin spot possibly being empty plus extra colours, longer pattern \u0026 max of 2 of each colour. Overall a really good app. It keeps track of the games you have won \u0026 time \u0026 rows taken to complete each.

Mrs. Karina Nicolas Jr.

It is a good game with a logical approach to solve. I would like the game to still show each steps tried even after the code is broken. This will help us to analyze the proces of deduction. At present the game is vanished once it is solved.

Isabell Considine III

Kinda glitchy, will say I have 2 or 3 right for the longest time then will suddenly change its mind and decide those colours aren't even a part of the pattern. Still, not bad. Would be great to play against friends.

Dr. Gregory Batz

I love this board game when i was a kid. Can't find voard game anymore. when my son was 6 now 13, I made my own mastermind game. It is a challenge for me anyway. Thank for renewing a cherished childhood memmory.

Prof. Bradly Botsford

Absolutely loved Mastermind as a kid! This is an excellent mobile version. Hard enough for experienced players to get enjoyment and easy enough for beginners to learn how to play. Graphics are beautiful and the developers really did this game justice. Thank you for giving me a piece of my childhood back.