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Package Name: com.MobimiGames.RealCityCarDriver2017

Developer: Mobimi Games

Category: Free Racing Games

Publish Date:

Version: 1.4.0

Requirements: Android 16 and above

File Size: 29M

City Car Driver 2017 Screenshot
City Car Driver 2017 Screenshot
City Car Driver 2017 Screenshot
City Car Driver 2017 Screenshot
City Car Driver 2017 Screenshot

City Car Driver 2017

City Car Driver 2017 game allows you to drive freely around the grand city. This is an open world environment where you can decide what to do: walk, drive cars or ride motorcycles around the big city streets.

When the games begins you control a third person character and you need to go to a car or a motorbike in order to have a vehicle to drive.

On the town streets you will see different traffic vehicles driving around, like: school bus, van, street cars, police cars, taxi and motorbikes. You can drive any car in the town, just go to the left door of the vehicle and get in.

Motorcycle riding can be a lot of fun but you must be very carefully especially while using NOS because the bike will get on one wheel.

In City Car Driver 2017 game you can also perform stunt actions and run full speed without the police chasing you. Jump off stunt ramps straight on the rooftop of buildings.

Drive cars and motorbikes with real physics engine which gives you a chance to feel like a real car driving experience. Go to town and collect as much money as you can in order to buy new cars available at the car showroom.

In order to give you a more realistic car driving simulator experience you can use different camera angles including Interior Cockpit View.

You can collect money that you find on the town streets or you can complete some extreme missions such as collecting items from buildings rooftops. With the money you collect you can buy new awesome 2017 super cars.

When you are in the off road area you can check the map and go to town in order to find more missions.
If you are a fun of drifting fast and doing burnouts then you can burn the asphalt in this open world city! Now you can drive, drift and feel like in a racing sports car for free!

If you want to drive in a real 3D city and show off your car driver skills then you should download for free this game. You can also choose to be a moto rider in this driving simulator game so don't hesitate try this game now!

Car games fans will love the option to get in and out of the cars, bus, van or motorcycle. You can still have a lot of fun by playing this free car game in 2019!

- Drive with traffic cars and pedestrian
- Real city traffic and traffic lights
- Realistic car driving experience
- Open world environment: town and off road
- Go to any car/moto to drive it
- Amazing 3D graphics
- Accurate car physics
- Free to play game
- Offline game
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