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Glow Baby Breastfeeding Tracker, Nursing Timer App apk

Download Glow Baby Breastfeeding Tracker, Nursing Timer App apk for free.

Glow Baby Breastfeeding Tracker, Nursing Timer App apk icon

Glow Baby Breastfeeding Tracker, Nursing Timer App

From breastfeeding to diaper changes, log all your baby’s or toddler’s milestones and track their development with Glow Baby. Whether you want a diaper log, a nursing timer or even a breastfeeding tracker get everything you need for your newborn baby or toddler.

Log milestones with the best newborn baby tracker for new parents. Track your baby’s sleep schedule, feeding log - you can even use Glow Baby as a breastfeeding tracker! Access and share tips about a baby’s sleep schedule and other useful parenting tips whenever you log in.

Plus, our baby tracker is so easy to use that means you can start building up your family album with beautiful photos while spending time with your precious newborn baby or toddler.

A pumping tracker, feeding log and more! 3 ways Glow Baby helps you log your baby or toddler’s development:

Track your baby’s diaper changes, sleep schedule, and more with our timers and reminder notifications
Our milestone logging lets you stay on track of everything from your nursing timer to your baby’s feeding log
Get complete PDF summaries of your baby’s sleep schedule, feeding log, interactive growth charts plus more!

This is milestone logging with a difference. A baby tracker, nursing timer, breastfeeding tracker, and much more!

Glow Baby’s key milestone logging features:

• Milestone logging made easy - This is a breastfeeding tracker, pumping tracker, nursing timer and feeding log. That means you can stay on top of everything from diaper changes to first steps and more!
• Close-knit community - Connect with other new parents to discuss your baby or toddler’s progress and other parenting tips. Even share your precious baby photos from your family album!
• Capture your family moments - Upload baby photos in your own album, take notes and document those precious milestones. Plus, you can even share baby photos with your friends and family!
• A newborn baby tracker you can trust - Follow and track your baby’s developmental milestones sanctioned by the CDC
• Library of daily articles - Read and share the latest parenting tips and other content from Baby 411™.

Unparalleled support:
• Connect with your partner and take care of the baby together
• Get support and parenting tips about your baby’s milestones. Plus, you can even share baby photos from your family album in our vibrant Glow Baby Community
• Participate in anonymous parenting polls about your baby’s milestones and growth charts

Glow Baby has partnered with the Baby 411™ – the renowned book for new parents – to give you daily articles that provide clear answers & smart advice on baby and toddler development.

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Glow is the only Health & Fitness app to ever win a Webby Award. We now bring the same dazzling and high-tech experience to new parents.

Editor's Note

Glow Baby Breastfeeding Tracker, Nursing Timer App has designed and announced by Glow Inc. The company who the designed and launched has a wisely knowledge about applications and you will not regret after you download the apk file from our website. You can download the apk file whenever or wherever you want with pretty easy steps. We also scan applications those we are providing you so you don’t have to worry if they have harmful software or viruses. After you download the Glow Baby Breastfeeding Tracker, Nursing Timer App apk please check out our other applications from our website.

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Leonora VonRueden

This makes tracking information so much easier and it is very convienent. I like the charts that accompany the data I input as well! The app is easy to use and more versatile then others I have tried. It tracks dirty diapers, nursings for time for each left/right breast, height and weight, plus more. This is my fourth child and I wish I knew about it for my other 3!

Emmy Ullrich IV

App seems just want we wanted out the gate until I realized the premium subscription is per partner? Seems a bit overboard. The monthly and yearly pricing is just fine, but gets out of control when we start adding other family members in the same household...Updating to 4 for developer feedback. I dont agree with the pricing but it would be unfair to lower the rating based on that alone. Hopefully the change the policy, as the partner setup was much easier than some other apps.

Mr. Marvin Thiel IV

This is an incredibly useful and comprehensive app. For someone who is a bit too obsessed with tracking every nap and feeding (me), this app is beautiful. There are color-coded charts and you can look back on all of your past days to see what patterns you can find. I love how easy it is to track feedings and naps and diapers, it truly is a very well-designed app and I'll grateful that it's free.

Rasheed Torp

I love this app for tracking feeds and poops and being able to see daily patterns visually. I'd give 5 stars but there are 2 improvements that should be made: 1: be able to see the total number of minutes spent feeding on each breast so far in a day rather than just the number of times. 2. be able to see the total amount of sleep from previous days. You can see how much so far in a day but unless you check at one minute to midnight or calculate yourself, you won't know the total in one day.

Dallin Jacobs

I've used Glow when trying to conceive, and now the Glow baby app, and for the most part it's been great. I use it mostly to track feedings so I can see how long it's been since my daughter ate last, and to see trends. My only complaint now is, where did the daily insights go? When you click on the standard insights, it just tells me to log now - which I do, every day. I really liked the daily tips and encouragement from the insights. Is this something you can only see now with premium?

Fredrick Streich

Compared to other apps, I really like this one the most. Easiest way to track activity and see it visually on a graph. I love that you can export the data and also the comparative stats, motivational popups and helpful tips all great stuff. Some cons for me : It's a little hard to edit data if made a mistake. Would be good to set some kind of an alarm for certain things such as sleep longer 4 hours or last feed over 3 hours ago etc.

Petra Reichert

I have a premium subscription Glow. The only issue I've been having is with the baby app. When my husband starts our son's sleep timer from his phone, it doesnt show that way on my app. So i have to turn off the sleep timer on his phone once he wakes up before i start his next sleep cycle on my phone or else it will log way more sleep than he got. Also it constantly prompts my husband to pay the premium fee..if one has already purchased it I dont see why he cant get premium features as well.

Cornelius Rice

I really like this app. The tracking features allow you to keep track of feedings (bottle, breast, or formula), sleep cycles, diapers, and other events like pumping or illnesses. It's very helpful to have this info visually represented and tracked when you are sleep deprived and each day seems to bleed into the next. I also love that my husband can have access to the information and add things also. This app is much better than some of the others I downloaded.

Olen Christiansen

App is mostly great, but once you're used to tracking baby's data with it, they crank up the ads. Started with none, couple months in, they show a small banner one. Fine, whatever. Couple more months, app starts with a splash screen ad, and finally making you scroll past an ad to enter data. The ads blink into existence too, causing accidental taps. Wouldnt mind paying a few bucks, since its a good app, but only way to give them money is an ongoing subscription (for features most wont need).

Keon Hirthe

I'm really happy with the app so far! It's been nice to be able to start timers for things, but I wish different caregivers could all see an in-progress timer. For example, I put the baby to bed and my husband does her first night feeding- I wish I could start the sleep timer on my phone, and then he'd stop it on his.