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Knife Rush

Throw blades, collect coins, and go up the level ladder. Remember, you have only limited number of cutting weapons to complete every level. Do not hit other swords and obstacles! Do not waste knives in vain!

Great knife features:
– 30+ cold steel arms
– Dozens of levels to become a skilled knife master
– Free chests for splashy results
– Easy-to-understand gameplay

Master your impressive ninja accuracy and caution! Just point, tap and hit the target.

An addictive game that will definitely absorb you in its spin universe!

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Chadd Wisoky

gets boring after a while. even after u get all the knives, it still gives u the option to watch ads and get more money. wish you could buy trails for the knives and see past levels.

Braeden Gottlieb

I got the app about a year ago. I just recently realized that this app has been charging me for premium without my permission and without me attempting to purchase it. The app wasn't even installed

Lewis Cummings IV

An ad after every level is ridiculous. I get having a one-time payment for ad removal, but 8 dollars WEEKLY? That's absurd. I wish I could give this below a 1-star rating

Willy Buckridge

i would of rated it 5 stars but the ads were preposterous! i couldnt even play the game that much because of the ads. but it is a good game though could be better. almost every 20 seconds an ad comes! im sorry but i had to delete the app! every level you reach, another ad! maybe if you could take away dsome ads then it would be better! its just really annoying! i had to stop playing. i gave you the rating of 2 stars.

Dr. Keshaun Walsh

great idea, but with a 30 second ad after every level this game gets one lonely star. listen up developers, I removed this game after level 8 as I was so pissed off that I was spending 3 times as long watching ads than actually playing the game... if you want people to play your game, let them play, don't force them to watch ads... dissatisfied and disappointed.... by the way, you all suck donkey dick...

Bonita Cole IV

full of wonders, excitement, and annoying ads. Merry Christmas enjoy the Holiday, creating awful games.

Delores Schiller

I understand a free game will have ads and I've never complained about a games ads before...until now with this game. This is just ridiculous. Uninstalling immediately

Mr. Elton Ferry

The games alright but way too many adds each level there's about 4 adds. but do like the game in general. but it does get boring very quick.

Jaquan Gibson MD

STOP WITH THE COMMERCIALS almost every time you beat a level theres a commercial and i agree with everybody else if there were les cammercails it would be a 4 star and these poeple -_-

Willy Marvin

It's a amazing and fun game, but on my expections, they kept having ads! Please do something about it! Thank you!