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Dog Scanner

See a dog, but don't know its breed?
Take a picture and find out! This app will determine it automatically for you.

Got a mixed breed?
No problem, we will tell you which breeds have been mixed!

No dog around?
Just scan a friend of yours and find out which dog he or she looks like!

More features:
- Supports all dog breeds *
- Dog database containing information and pictures of all breeds (even the unofficial ones) can be used without scanning anything, too
- Dog Scanner supports scanning dog images from your gallery, too
- Improved accuracy when taking a short video clip instead of a single image
- Integrated camera with pinch to zoom and tap to focus
- Share your result with your friends by sending an image right out of the Dog Scanner App
- User feedback: tell us, if your result is right and ..
.. you‘ll get the most useful tips to improve your result
.. the app will automatically learn to get more accurate
- Simply translate the app into your language by using the integrated website
- Small app size

Optional premium features:
- Get your results faster
- Configure your scans to be extra fast or even more accurate
- Offline mode: no need for an active Internet connection any longer
- No ads at all

* Different organizations define different breed standards. This app lists all breeds according to the international definition of the FCI as well as some more. Futhermore, you can use the Dog Scanner app to vote for even more (unofficial) dog breeds to be supported soon.

This app can not transform your smartphone into a crazy space ship being able to extract the blood of your dog with a magic laser. The app gives educated predictions based on what it sees. On average, those predictions are quite accurate. However, it‘s obvious that the result can only be as good as the image/video you provide to the app. Furthermore, it‘s impossible to get each and every individual dog detected correctly. People tend to take it personal, if their own beloved dog isn‘t predicted right though. If you give the app a chance in the first place, you‘ll see that its overall performance is pretty decent. Instead of having to pay a lot of money for a DNA test, you‘re getting this app for free. Enjoy!

Screenshot attribution:
Santa Claus
By Shawn Lea from Jackson, MS, US - - image description page, CC BY 2.0,

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Aiyana Dach

Highly Accurate - Don't listen to the naysayers. Often times when people get inaccurate results, they are using a bad picture with bad lighting. This app has accurately identified over 100+ breeds as I volunteer at an animal shelter and have used it to identify both purebred and mixed dogs. Whenever it got the breed wrong, changing the angle of the pic, adding better lighting and finessing the overall picture - resulted in a correct identification of the mutt at hand. Enjoy! A great app indeed!!

Miss Carissa Sipes

This app works very well. why are you guys using pictures instead of using your camera and scan the dog? I have scanned \u0026 rescanned my dog. it really depends on how close to the dog, if it's moving, \u0026 what direction of your dog you are scanning. our is supposably Chihuahua and Pomeranian. I think he's Norwegian Lundehund Chihuahua said Norwegian buhund lots of times. then said Lundehund. last time it said pom-chi. it's good\u0026 fun.

Melyna Robel

I'm giving it 2 stars because it's kind of fun but it's totally inaccurate. I've used several different pictures of my dog to see what it says. we also had our dog DNA tested. The app never got any of his breeds correct.

Celine Mueller

This app is entertaining but it now claims I have a problem with my internet connection (which I 100% do not) and prompts me to use the offline mode that is only available if you pay. I can only assume this a tactic to make money and it is disappointing for such a nice app.

Dortha Stoltenberg

awesome...especially if you try it on humans,never would've guessed that I am 10% German shepherd. Lol But works great on dogs

Destiny Boehm

When I downloaded this app, I was positive it wasn't going to work, but figured it would be good for laugh. Boy was I surprised when it correctly identified every one of my 9 dogs! (7 purebred and 2 mixed using still shots from my gallery). Very cool app!

Dr. Marquis Rath

This is pretty cool! I didnt think it would work. Our pup is a chihuahua and a little mixture. My hubby kept saying a bit pit bull and I thought no way. Well its Chihuahua and a tad pit bull also a tad miniature pinscher . We knew about the miniature pinscher was really surprised it got that. You would not have guess that! Thank you, keep improving this app and who knows where this will go! I also write reviews when it's a good app and no affiliation or payment for the review.

Roselyn Bogisich

it is a very inacurate app. I have done DNA on one of my two dogs. She is 50% Beagle and 50% lab. Her parents were purebreds. It only guessed one of her breeds correctly one time off a very old photo. Using the same photo it said she was a pure bred Bull Terrier the secind time. The third was all over the place.

Alek Hayes

I'm impressed. Took a mediocre picture of my pure-bred Parson Russel Terrier and it got his breed right with 64% certainty. That's impressive considering the picture was just a head and shoulders shot, and there are many similar looking terriers out there. The app offered some good detailed info about his breed as well. I even learned a couple things that I didn't already know! I recommend giving this one a try.

Lavina Ullrich

very interesting and informative! also very fun! I tried every single picture of my dog and it consistently told me that he is a Kelpie! I had never heard of a Kelpie before today. extremely intriguing, because I know my Dog's mother was an all white German shepherd,but somehow Apollo came out a blackish red German shepherd with white on the chest and his father was the milk man so we were always interested to know what exactly he is. dna test next, we'll see if this app is accurate! cool app!