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Scary Chat Stories - Hooked on Texts apk

Download Scary Chat Stories - Hooked on Texts apk for free.

Scary Chat Stories - Hooked on Texts apk icon

Scary Chat Stories - Hooked on Texts

Scary Chat Stories lets you read scared chat stories on your phone. These are scary, engrossing nail-biting horrors that will keep you reading through the day. Read a lot of stories with your friends.

Every chat story is shown as a text message conversation, like you're reading their chat history. If you like apps like hooked, you will love hooked on texts.

We love scary stories, but it's boring when stories are too long. So we created Scary Chat Stories - Hooked on Texts to make reading short, scary and hooked!

New stories added daily!

Editor's Note

When you need an application for your device but need it as apk file, you can always visit our website to download it like Scary Chat Stories - Hooked on Texts apk. The version of the apk file is 3.0.3 and decide if you need this version or not. And if you want to know when the apps got an update the last update came on April 24, 2019. You can also check the TLA Quiz n Button if you have any doubt if it is original or fake. After you download the apk file from website please don’t forget to check out other applications we provide you for free and at the highest download speed. Thanks for using our website to download applications.

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Prof. Brice Mante V

This app is amazing!! The stories are so addicting!!! They creep me out, not to mention you can create your own stories, and when you run out of points, you can just watch an ad, and you can continue. It doesnt bother me, but this app is spontanious. I highly reccomend it. \u003c3 Edit: Oh and you dont have to pay FOR ANYTHING!!! (Not that I know of) had this game for only 2 days and its addicting.

Mrs. Cleora Marquardt

this is awesome others are dumb and cost money this is awesome definitely should get it but you do have points and if you run out you have to wait 14 mins OR watch a ad which is amazing!!!!!!!!! I am so freaking happy I really enjoy the stories they are well written awesome to read and the app is so simple and cut every thing is a 5 out of 5 its amazing defiantly recommend now excuse me I have to use this wonderful amazing app I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shyann Zboncak

it is good to get your mind off of something like a bad day or something like that or for long races or a long game or if you have nothing to do like a rain day out and it for free and thir are good store in the app

Ms. Karlee Schultz

I have on read one story and i already love it. It was such a plot twist. And they put ads in certain spots and creates suspence it awsome.

Tavares Orn

there are a lot of really good like the story the first story that we read was really good I liked it a real life and I want to get a lot more about it so that's why I graded it five stars

Prof. Ashly Eichmann Jr.

I love them but some of they are possessed and it's fun the only things that's ok but not ok us that there is s time limit for every story and u have to what for a long time to keep reading but other wise its aswome AND I LOVE IT

Prof. Garrick Huels II

Which I do not like is that there are bad words in the stories...I think U could put other words instead.

Valentine Mitchell

omg this game is good one day my brother was on it and he had bad dreams so kids who are under 6 should not play this.

Landen Murphy I

This game is like the best game ever. I love scary stories and now that I have read some scary text messages, they are as fun to read as scary stories. They are amazing. I would really recommend you playing this game. Only thing is, why would you have to have points to read the scary messages?

Mr. Riley Schamberger

yeah aight best game ever i got pass some scary stuff but it was fun. totally recommend please read this this must be the top positive review ever