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Horoscope & Palm Master-Palm Scanner and Aging apk

Download Horoscope & Palm Master-Palm Scanner and Aging apk for free.

Horoscope & Palm Master-Palm Scanner and Aging apk icon

Horoscope & Palm Master-Palm Scanner and Aging

Horoscope&Palm Master-Top free fortune teller horoscope and palm reading app.Horoscope prediction,palm reading,zodiac signs compatibility and love compatibility are available.Download it now to get the root of Horoscope&Palm Master!

►Aging Shutter
Imagine what you look like after 30 years, and now we present your Future Face for you. Get an insight on how you look when you are 60 years old now!

►Professional Palm Reading
Are you curious about what secrets are hidden in your palmistry.Palmistry can reflect people's personality and physical condition.

►Gender Switch
Imagine your look at opposite sex!

►Baby Prediction
Will your baby be more like you or your spouse?This powerful technology helps you meet your baby in advance.

►Ethnicity Analyzer
Custom made algorithms carefully analyze all parameters, so help you know your origin.

► Accurate Zodiac Signs Prediction
Want to know your daily fortune or what should you pay attention to?Horoscope&Palm Master is here to provide the most accurate daily/weekly/monthly/yearly prediction for you.

►Zodiac Signs Compatibility
Get zodiac compatibility with Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Aries Cancer, Leo, Libra, Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces to know whether you match with your partner in career and friendship.

►Zodiac Love Compatibility
Based on astrology science,Horoscope&Palm Master provides you with the match score and analysis between you and your lover.

All your information is secure with us, as Horoscope&Palm Master respect your privacy.
Download Horoscope&Palm Master NOW – Best fortune horoscope app ever!

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Mr. Americo Johns IV

The most terrible app ever! Right when you first go into it, they push buying a subscription. If you press the x button, though it is hardly visible, the app will try to give you some ,,guilt'', I don't know why. It'll say ,,why not? try the subscription!''. The subscription is very expensive, 100$/year, snd if you do the free trial, after 3 days it's about 25$/ month, automatically!!! I do not recommend this app, it sucks. Don't waste your time \u0026 nerves, please!

Braeden Wolff

This is the shittiest horoscope app I've ever got. It has a free download then it wants you to pay as SOON as you open it. Also, you can't do ANYTHING on this app if you don't pay. all you can do is read the stuff in normal horoscopes except you have less privileges. If you want a horoscope with many free features, you've come to the wrong place.

Alva Gottlieb PhD

I rated the app one star because when you go to try the app to see if it's worth paying for, it won't let you see your results, and trust me that was being generous. I also think that who ever made this app needs to actually use their brain and think for once because when it asks me too pay or get 3 days free it will only let you see your results if you have payed. Listen carefully DON'T DOWNLOAD THE APP because i did and it was a waste of time. dont waste your time on this app.

Gussie Schmidt III

I would not advise you to buy this app, unless you want to pay £13 just to unlock a few piddly features. As soon as I opened the app, PAY £12.99 TO UNLOCK ALL FEATURES. That was a lie, as when I fully entered the app and used the aging feature, the same message appeared. The scanning is also inaccurate - apparently, an 11 year old looks like they're in their 20s 😏 This app is inaccurate and an ABSOLUTE waste of time - don't download this app!!!

Carlo O'Connell

terrible app, when u need to get results, it keeps on taking u to the purchasing session, and when I was trying the gender swap, it said that I'm 21 years old when I'm actually nine and for my brother it said he's 12 when he's actually 1 years old. I DO NOT reccomend this app at all. If u purchase the trial the app might actually work but it also may not, so that's why I do not reccomend this app at all. If u would like to spend ur money on this app, u can because I'm not in control for you.

Dr. Adan Harvey II

for anything interesting you have to pay like $25 a month and for 3-day trial just isn't worth it. And I can borrow it a bilities are okay but they could be more specific. What's the point of having all these options if we have to pay for them right away? I would definitely not suggest this app oh, there could be a lot of improvement and there could be more accessible for others at a better price. I went through all these questions to find out just my Dateline just for it to be private.

Thaddeus Walter

This app is terrible You have to get the subscription to see your results and the subscription is way too expensive. You cannot do anything without burning your wallet so I really do not recommended. Also, Every single time you log onto this app it always goes onto the subscription option and the exit button is very hard to find.If I could, I would give it half a star.

Athena Glover

the app already when I had opened it told me I could do a 3 day trail and then pay. But i exited out of that after that I took a picture from my gallery it scanned me and called me a 20 YEAR OLD MAN I am not 20 and I am a girl like what the heck and after that when I tried to get my result it came back to the 3 day trail thing😐. So yeah don't download this app unless you are going to pay for it. I mean you could but the same thing that happened to me would happen to you.

Mr. Kamren Windler II

i couldnt believe the price ? i can get more exciting variety and just more in general from numerous other free apps! there are 7 things to do on this app and majority of them you will really only do once and its 100 bucks a year? thats rubbish. the aging booth does not even put in any effort! it just shows you pics of random ppl that are in that age group and they are all asian looking in nationality...all of them.... also my palm scanner did not work at all, not once. disappointed.

Lesley Anderson

I did the 3 day free trial, but then I deleted it on this first day and now its charged me 2 times for this app! I need my money back! PLEASE I'm on my own this year and need to save every penny for college!!! Now that u took money out I dont have enough money to save my spot at the university I got a accepted to!!! :(