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Jungle Animal Hair Salon

Cut, color, shampoo, style and dress up super cute jungle animals: sloth, leopard, toucan, elephant, bear and giraffe!
Our top game for kids and toddlers Animal Hair Salon now takes the little ones on a crazy jungle hairstyle adventure with new adorable animals and even more makeover fun!

Jungle animals love to change how they look! Color, cut, shave, wash, dry, comb and style their hair, fur and feathers. Do fancy manicure for sloth, leopard and giraffe. Play jungle fashion designer and dress up tropical animals in crazy fashionable clothes. If your hairy salon clients get thirsty, make them fresh fruit cocktails!


Stylish Sloth Makeover
Lovely sloth Linda wants to get a new look, make her wish come true! Create a classy hairstyle - cut, dye, comb and style Linda’s hair. Clean up her super long nails, color them pink and cover with glitter. Dress up lady Linda with your favorite t-shirts, summer hats, sunglasses, accessories and jewelry, and take a picture of your creation!

Leopard Amy Care
Cute leopard Amy was playing in the jungle and got dirty! Wash her fluffy fur with shampoo, dry, comb and cut Amy’s hair, and make a funny ponytail on her head! Create leopard makeup and matching leopard nail art. Dress up this sweet leopard in the most adorable jungle clothes and take a photo of her!

Toucan Carnival Makeover
Toucan Rosa came here from Brazil rain forests to dress up for the Carnival! She loves bright colors and she even has a picture of her dream look. Do party makeup and color Rosa’s beak bright green, orange, pink and baby blue. Free your imagination and create her the most beautiful carnival costume!

Giraffe Day Spa
Fashionista giraffe Rachel wants her favorite day spa treatments! Wash and shave her long hairy legs. Cut, shave, dye and wash her hair. Polish Rachel’s nails red and surprise her with bright makeup. Play giraffe dress up, choose from punk clothes and accessories in 7 categories, and create Rachel a new punk outfit!

Baby Elephant Spa
Meet the lovely baby elephant Sarah and create her a new cute look! Wash, shower and shave her, dye Sarah’s hair and tail, color the nails and do makeup. Dress up Sarah with baby girl dresses, tropical flowers, bracelets and tail ribbons!

Bear Kim Beauty Time
Baby bear Kim looks cute even with tree leaves and sticks stuck in her fur but it’s makeover time! Style her for tonight’s hip hop music concert: first wash, cut and dye Kim’s hair in hot pink, then design her a super cool outfit!

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Ryan Olson

l deffinetly recommend it for everyone's kid my kid had so much fun playing the game.

Mr. Raleigh Franecki DVM

I like this game because I like dressing up games and make up games so yeah

Kasey Berge

i looooooovvvvvveeee this GAME to me this game is the 2nd bests game ive played

Griffin Orn

i love this game so much i remember it sins i was 5

Breana Batz

It was so fun until I finished the game after that I got really annoyed because it was all add

Andre Kuphal

the best game ever .nice boy

Gage Eichmann V

I😍🙎\u200d♀️ I love this game and i am happy I D download download this game.

Weston Cummerata

I liked. it. a. lot👧🙂

Sabryna Franecki

i loveie love this app it's just loved app

Orval Lynch

the animals are so cute