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Ski Safari 2

* Will you play as the intrepid Sven or his lovely sister Evana? Will you use skis or a snowboard? Will you ride a snowmobile, a motorbike, or something a little more crazy?

* Perform tricks and hit the mountain in style! Pull off 360 spins, handstands, snowboard nose-grabs, and strike daring poses - each animal has their own stylish moves!

* Play head-to-head multiplayer with your friends and family! Who will be king of the mountain? Pick up powerups to hurl snowballs, flip your friends' screens upside-down, or pull a penguin out of your pocket for that quick escape!

* Collect coins to purchase new gear, crazy costumes and powerful vehicles in the shop! Isn't it time you thought about that gold sled you always wanted?

* Take photos of your epic moments and share them with the world! Set up an amazing photo opportunity and spin the camera around for that perfect shot - all in glorious 3D!

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Louvenia Hackett

amazing game, really ! great graphics, amazing gameplay and lots more. I fell in love with the game. Additing game. I really recommend to download the game as it is free to play, no internet connection required too ! Finally, Love to play game.

Mrs. Maribel Treutel

LOL I love this game! It's SUPER addicting. As soon as I started playing, I realized a whole hour and 34 minutes had passed! The graphics are sooooo amazing, and the game is fun! I HIGHLY recomend this game. If you download it, you will FALL IN LOVE! Try it and see! It is SOOOOOOOOO worth it!

Jakob Koepp

this has been a complete surprise game for me. ive thoroughly enjoyed it a great deal excellent job too the developers. i can't thank you enough for a game so that's so fun awesome completely incredible game!!!!

Ms. Harmony Smitham DDS

Hey Develepors, I heard it is a good game and installed it on the advice of my friend, but the problem lies here. Whenever I open the game it crashes and it keeps on crashing Everytime I open the game. My device is Moto G5+. Fix this and I will edit my review!!

Ulices Nikolaus

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Prof. Keira Wolff II

I love this this game because when I was eight my elder brother downloaded this game for me and told play this you will like it . Now I love this game so much!!!!!😍😍😍

Bobby Kessler IV

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Prof. Antone Gislason DDS

nice game ,i like sven plus i liked on easter all of the cute animals wore silly things ,what am trying to say it cool but who ever invented games can you please add i few changes like : add an reset botton ,more loactions like i just wish you can invent the coolest game ever i will be so happy and you review as my names is ombe tamara preye if phone can 't down load buy an itel is the best phone and game makers make an app that you can invent games.

Mr. Zachery Larkin

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Prof. Morton Luettgen

Love the game, my only complaint is that when I complete an objective they don't count it. That has happened to me several times since I started playing this game . When you do the objectives exactly how you're supposed to they don't count it and it's bull. A lot of them are not easy so when they don't count it you have to do it all over again. Fix that and the game will be perfect.