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White Tiles 4 : Classic Piano apk

Download White Tiles 4 : Classic Piano apk for free.

White Tiles 4 : Classic Piano apk icon

White Tiles 4 : Classic Piano

This is the classic version of White Tiles 4 which has more than 100 AWESOME free mini games..
The only thing you need to do is DON'T TOUCH ON THE WHITE TILE.
We are working hard to keep adding more mini games.

【Game Features】:
◈ 140 Awesome Game Modes
◈ Mixer system : Play 2 or More modes at the same time.
◈ 5 Instruments : Piano, Guitar, Drum, Dubstep, Classic.
◈ 100 Tiles Colors
◈ Easy to play for all ages.
◈ An unparalleled gaming experience

【Some Modes Descriptions】:
◈ Multiplayer Mode : Play with your friends on same stage!
◈ Amazing Mode : There are so many tiles, Don't miss anyone.
◈ Lighting Mode : It's getting dark, watch your step.
◈ Reverse Mode : The tiles go into reverse. Try to Tap it.
◈ Flappy Mode : Fly in the sky like a cute bird.
◈ Crossy Mode : Just cross the road.
◈ 2048s Mode : Try to get 2048 tiles.
◈ Heartbeat Mode : Don't Lose Your Heart! One tile one heart, if miss, you will lose 5 aa hearts.

More Modes are in the game. Hope you guys like it. Thanks.

Contact us : [email protected]

Editor's Note

White Tiles 4 : Classic Piano has designed and announced by Brighthouse. The company who the designed and launched has a wisely knowledge about applications and you will not regret after you download the apk file from our website. You can download the apk file whenever or wherever you want with pretty easy steps. We also scan applications those we are providing you so you don’t have to worry if they have harmful software or viruses. After you download the White Tiles 4 : Classic Piano apk please check out our other applications from our website.

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Kelly Von

It's the perfect game the only problem is that I want to be able to change the tiles or the background to a image from my gallery. thanks.

Prof. Sydney Huel DVM

this game is the best because theres many diffrent games to play and u wont get board playing the same games all over and over again, i really love this game thank to the person who invented this game love you❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Prof. Quincy Davis III

it's fun when your bored and u dont need wifi.

Declan Mertz PhD

I have been trying to download this game for 10 minutes and it won't even let me open it! it keeps saying the app has stopped the second I click on it. my phones updates are up to date and I've restarted it (Pixel 2 XL) really want to play this game, but looks like it won't be happening.

Alva Fadel

this my absolute favorite game! it's so much and never gets boring. there are so many different challenges and modes. its definitely my favorite time killer.. i would recommend this game for anyone who loves a good challenge or gets bored a lot!

Dr. Nico Fay MD

at the same bout with the surgery and the acct I had to add to my game I had a reason for my clothes and I think it is kene7x who has african parents who need to go for her shenanigans but I have a good chance to get on the deadlocs list for her shenanigans and then she will pay me a lot of money to waste my money and I need a shower u can make sure say u swear I don't know why you are welcome ma'am but you are welcome ma'am I don't know why i'm askin so much he said I love you Anthony.

Chase Gleason

Amazing work I love it I just don't know what to say like it's so amazing like you guys are working like so hard like if a child was doing a amazing picture keep up the good work😍😍😍 I'm so surprised this is the first game that I loved so much this is the first game I subscribe to I love you I just love it just amazing game it has different piano sounds and different games. That all recommend to just one piano it's just so just one piano game I love it so much like you guys can do the best picture ever I'm so surprised this is the first game that I subscribe to or should I say review to or should I say admitted to this is amazing I did this is the first game I wrote so much and said so much I just love it is it's amazing I don't know what to say thank you like emojis but this amazing amazing amazing amazing so amazing amazing amazing I'm so amazed thank you for being just a wonderful game and I just really really love it so if you people who made this game could just be proud of yourself just be proud of yourself is very good to be proud of yourself because then you make yourself a good things so if you would like to subscribe to me back I that would be fine

Edward Okuneva Sr.

it downloaded sooo quick for me i love this game it has alot of diffrent challenges i never get board of it if i have to pick a favrit it will be all of them i love this game its not boaring for me when i go on a trip with my family i just play this game and i dont get boar great game i recomend it for anybody💓💓

Pauline Langworth

I love this game it is my favorite and im so glad y'all created it. The games and all of it, everyday I get home from school I get on this ggame I recommend this game for sure.

Miss Kaylie Willms