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MuseScore: view and play sheet music apk

Download MuseScore: view and play sheet music apk for free.

MuseScore: view and play sheet music apk icon

MuseScore: view and play sheet music

Find and play sheet music with MuseScore
• browse scores on — one of the largest sheet music collections
• more than 700K pieces of free sheet music
• add scores to Favorites
• view and play your favorite sheet music — both online and offline
• convenient sheet music search
• the continuously increasing number of scores uploaded by users
• unlock MuseScore Pro member benefits of both mobile app and site

Large sheet music archive
One of the largest catalogs of sheet music, which can be browsed by instrument (piano, trumpet, violin, percussion, flute, etc.) and played immediately from the site with the embedded player.

Add to Favorites
Add pieces of sheet music you really enjoy to Favorites to get quick access to those scores, and learn to play them!

Download and keep your favorite scores with you offline.

With MuseScore you can:
• view and play sheet music
• set the tempo and transpose sheet music
• set the volume and visibility of each instrument in every score with the Mixer tool
• share your favorite sheet music
• export sheet music to PDF
• use metronome
• loop any part of a song with the Loop tool

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Myrtice Bode

It's imroved since my last two star review so now it gets a three. The app is still near unusable. You can't search when logged out, you can't view the parts, you can't pause the music, and if you do it's after tapping pause about 200-250 times. You can't even see the music for the first 10 minutes that you use it. At least the app doesn't crash and it kind of plays music?

Jessica Kuhlman

Very sad at what this app has become. I've used it for many years but after all these new updates literally almost nothing works anymore. I can't search for any new scores, almost none of my favorited scores will load and if they load they constantly freeze, the options bar is just blacked out, and parts that used to play now randomly cut out. Also the app always seems to close its self when I open it and when ever I click back 2/3 of my screen is just blacked out.

Delmer Kuvalis

Fix your app. It has bugs. One of them doesnt let me scroll down the sheet list. It turns white and i cant see anything. Other is after i exit a song 80% of the screen turns black and i have to restart the app. Please fix your bugs.

Elvie Schimmel

There are many good songs. It's great to learn something new, but since graphics design update ( ~ 3 months earlier ) it's glitching. It used to be awesome, but now it's pain in the ass to use it. After opening song, you need to close app to get back to menu. Bar on bottom is black ( it works, but if you don't know, where to tap, it's useless ). Btw. subscription have nothing to do with that. It's still same app. I have yearly subscription and it have same problems.

Mr. Valentin Miller

This app is really good. I like it, there is justvthis problem where the majority of the screen goes black. That black part of the screen can be tapped, but not seen. This problem happened to me on a OnePlus 6t. Besides that, it is a 4 stars from a free expirience, but I need to keep on re-starting the app every 2 minutes of navigating.

Carmela Fay

My friend got free access to songbook while for me i must pay. I'm only using the song for 1 day not a month or year and i must pay. I am a student who is doing an arrangement for next week how the hell would i get a credit or debit card from. My parents of course not they will never give their pin after all they don't care about me and school. I tried contacting them and no response.

Ms. Heaven Murphy V

I am learning to play the fiddle for bluegrass, so I cannot use the vast majority of the resources on this website. Apparently I didn't uninstall it properly so I am signed up for another year. I have to go through Google play to open it, and if I look at a piece of music, the screen turns mostly black and I have to close the program and go back to Google play and start all over again. Totally useless to me.

Jairo Kulas

I was rated before with two stars, but the latest update has been released with great improvements. Thank you so much for listening to users.

Billy Carroll DVM

One of the best music notation softwares. Since I had been in school, I was using musescore in my spare time, whenever I wanted to compose myself something new or just learning musical theory. Besides some flaws in terms of MIDI handling and insufficient pallette of instruments, it's a great notation program to work with.

Madalyn Kunde

the apps system and logic is good. the realisation is very bad, on oneplus 6 it lags and doesnt work correctly, it doesnt allow to flip apge and its annoying, plus i need to logout everytime otherwise the app doesnt work in a good way. please fix it.