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Package Name: com.Nussygame.Buriedbornes

Developer: ohNussy

Category: Free Role Playing Games

Publish Date:

Version: 3.0.9

Requirements: Android 16 and above

File Size: 45M

Buriedbornes -Hardcore RPG- Screenshot
Buriedbornes -Hardcore RPG- Screenshot
Buriedbornes -Hardcore RPG- Screenshot
Buriedbornes -Hardcore RPG- Screenshot

Buriedbornes -Hardcore RPG-

"The oldest and most abhorrent Prophecy has become reality.
This is endless and merciless warfare for Buriedbornes, army can revive forever."

# Easy to play x Hard to survive

Buriedbornes is Hardcore. Dungeon RPG.
Choose job and challenge the dungeon.
Pick equipments and skills, defeat terrible enemies.
You can enjoy strategy and difficutly with synergy of equipments and skills.
And "Choosing" is most important in the Dungeon.
Are you ready for deadly battle and ending this unprecedented disaster?

# Warfare for Buriedbornes

Heroes can not revive forever.
Dead heroes and their belongings will be lost.
However, they will become "Roaming dead" for your next enemy.
Alternatively, you will earn any supply from them.
You can remain your message for their corpses. And you will receive message from others.
You can collect "Soulstones" to buy many special jobs.

# How to play

- Create your hero.
- Choose room and move in dungeon.
- Choose skill and defeat enemies.(Turn-based battle)
- You will be forced to choose for event or drop items.
- You can progress floors by defeating floor boss.
- Kill "Ancient overload" at 10F!

# You can play Buriedbornes in PC Web browser.

* Official Site

# Used Materials

化け猫缶 素材屋
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  • 2 days ago Michael Hodges

    Lots of fun, reminds me a bit of D\u0026D on the original NES, bundled into roguelike phone form.

  • 3 days ago Oscar I

    This game is a greeat text base dungeon crawler with basic graphics. If you enjoy these types of games you will loose yourself in the labyrinth this game provides. My only complaint is that you are limited to what path you can take. It makes me wonder what kind of loot and experience you can gain from the other locked labyrinths. I understand this game is under development but I wish it had an immersive story mode.

  • 3 days ago Michael Farabaugh

    Love the game... I have the most current update installed, however I keep getting the Error code TWN-MNU-001 whenever I try to use the shop... Please is there any fix to this besides having the most current update (as I already have it)?

  • 3 days ago Paul Wright

    fun dungeon crawler. fun to make a new character and play for two hours and see how far u can get

  • 3 days ago Jeremy Patterson

    Fun, Challenging, dig the old school DnD art style.

  • 3 days ago John Rey Manzano

    best g

  • 3 days ago Benjamin A.

    Unexpectedly addicting.

  • 4 days ago Jimmy Shih

    fantastic, lots of depth making replays fun everytime. content is still being updated making me come back.

  • 4 days ago Nice Nate

    great game

  • 5 days ago Jay Guzman

    Great distraction for RPG fans. This game seems so simple on the surface, yet has so much depth. You'll find yourself agonizing over upgrades, plotting strategies and planning for your next foray into the dungeons. Highly recommended.