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Find the Difference 200 levels apk

Download Find the Difference 200 levels apk for free.

Find the Difference 200 levels apk icon

Find the Difference 200 levels

Find 10 differences between two HD pictures with no time limit.
Find the Difference is a FREE Puzzle game.

200 levels.
No time limit
HD pictures.
1 hints at the end of each level.
Zoom pictures.
Horizontal and vertical position of the screen.
At each level try to find hidden magnifying glass to increase the number of hints.
You may skip any level.

Enjoy Find the Difference puzzle game!

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Van Hayes

Excellent graphics and puzzles. Some of these present some interesting challenges, nice variety of easy and difficult. I'm a big fan of the Vizalev games, I have several on my tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1). Smaller screens may find some of the puzzles to complex to clearly see minute details.

Allan Bruen III

Great little game! There are ads, but they are pretty unobtrusive and don't detract from the overall gameplay. Easy to rack up hints and the game doesn't stress me out in any way. Some good challenges and beautiful pictures. Kudos to the developer.

Audreanne Murphy

Thanks for the other Find the Difference game with 200 pictures an hints, etc,etc. Maybe you can add a few more...I have a hard time following the game with 5 different choices and the other steps you do to play the game. Age 68yrs. old ....

Tyson Sanford

I'm enjoying Find the Differences. There are hard ones as well as easy ones. It appears after one or two of the hard ones they give you an easy one. These are good because they say by doing items like these can hey You're mind from aquring dementia.

Aubrey Marquardt IV

I really enjoy find the difference. It's a good distraction and gives my brain a challenge. Two hundred levels, free hints and you can collect hints as well.

Prof. Roxanne Trantow I

this game has very good graffics. It keeps your interest with both hard and easier to spot difference s between the 2 pictures. it is fun and can be addicting.

Jacquelyn Schultz

One of many differences games. Plays well. Pleasant way to pass some time or wind down for the day. Way too many flowerpot/vase photos.

Trinity Mitchell V

I love this game! It is so challenging trying to find all of the tiny differences, it gives my mind a good workout. And the photography is amazing.

Weston Dietrich IV

i like the photos for the variety. its easy but challenging too. relaxing. get lots of hints.

Marcia Shanahan

helps me with quickly locate things in the pictures. The more I do the quicker I get. GOOD GAME!