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Wild Tamer

Long time ago in your past life, you were a Druid who led the ancient animals!
Lead prehistoric animals and explore the world!
They can be.. fearsome enemies, friends, or even guardians.

Something cool
◆ Unique story and lots of content!
◆ Collect weapons and artifacts and become stronger!
◆ Have fun with numerous animals and quests!
◆ Leaderboard supported! Check your rank!

- Few bugs fixed

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Cordia Kris

This game has a solid \"If you pay 3.99 so you don't have to worry about ads and work for your progression, you will feel like you've achieved something\". There is much to be improved though. For example, I paid the .99 cents for a goldfish that swims around you and gives you a buff, but it did a poor job explaining that that goldfish will only stay for 30 min, which frankly, that was a ripoff. Stats could be better explained, a buff section outside of the base and range indicators are needed

Miss Viola Durgan II

have to say, amazing game, and i want to give it 5 stars. however, some features are behind a paywall, and paywall features are the worst. auto pickup shouldn't require money. your game is top notch, you don't need to force people to pay, people will gladly pay for more gold or gems, without forcing others to put money in for random features.

Haskell West II

I have been playing for several months now and last night when I signed in my game had completely reset. I still have two small things I payed real money for but everything else is gone. The game even put me through the tutorial again, as if I had never touched the game. Its day one catching mice on the first island all over again, no saves, nothing to upload, its all gone.

Prof. Watson Pacocha I

If any mobile gaming company wants to make a great game they should take a page right out of Wild Tamer. i feel we have finally reached a level of mobile gaming i can be proud of. This game has tons to unlock, great progression, and it is tough! You wont be walking through this, but you will have tons of fun earning your way through this game. With 100s of animals to unlock, secret animals to find at night, really beefy bosses Wild Tamer is a must. If it had a PvP option it would be the best.

Mrs. Melba Larson

ads makes money, ok that is fine! but to the point even the healing zones need ads to actually heal? you can make it random spawn and can only used once per spawn if it is for the purpose of making the game balance. :/ no skills for the heroes? Good game but there is alot of things to add in here. thanks for the game and I hope it will be a hit!!!

Miss Ivy Hagenes

I love the game, very challenging, unique animals and I love that it has over a 100 animals, and that you have to work hard to progress. But I dont like that, to make better gear it costs way to many resources for how many resources you get per creature. I also dont like how expensive the unique animals or sets are, they need to be $10 rather than $30. other than that I love the game, its my favorite mobile game. Definitely reccomend.

Jimmie Cruickshank

Amazing game but zero built in settings. After 8 re installs it won't let me swap my G account. It auto remembers my other Gmail. I've swapped account, Cleared cache and date. Removed the old Gmail from my device, restarted device, still remembers the old gmail. So no way of buying anything. The game is clearly remembering something like my IMEI or I don't know what. But I have absolutely no way of them forgetting who I am. Edit: sdmaid found a left behind file,fixed but why was it there?

Weldon Bahringer

interesting concept, but i had a really hard time with the title screen boss, the first time i tried to beat it, it wouldn't let me progress into the game by tapping so i had to restart. the 2nd time it crashed after loading, and after i beat it on the 3rd try, it skipped the tutorial so i had no idea what to do. apart from that, the controls stop responding sometimes, and it crashes frequently. Again, good concept, but extremely buggy.

Jonathon Prosacco PhD

I really enjoyed the game, except for one aspect... Your avatar is far too fragile. I can build up a respectable personal army that can take down any group around me, unless, through a moment's misfortune, I get one-shotted by a creature. If a critter decides to target me, it's over in a split second. I would also like to see more info be available for the critters, such as speed and attack range, and I'd love to see creatures have abilities that buff allies, taunt enemies, poison, stun, etc

Prof. Jocelyn Breitenberg

Needs a lot of balancing before it will be a good game. Amazing concept, a lot of potential. Player health/defence needs to be increased. I shouldn't be able to die in one-two hits from something I have in my army. I think it could be fixed by adding in xp for killing animals to slowly level up health/defence/attack. It would add a nice grinding aspect that would keep people playing.