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Always wanted to have your OWN SUSHI RESTAURANT? The time is NOW.
Open restaurants in the BEST cities of the world, and satisfy your customer.

- Unlock and upgrade FAMOUS chefs
- Cook CRAZY dishes
- Insane POWER-UPS to multiply your earnings!

Will you become the ULTIMATE sushi bar tycoon ever know ???!!!

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Jovanny Roob

Just a vessel for ads. No substance, thought or skill in the game. Just a nonsense cycle of clicking things to upgrade, collecting money with no logical value system and seeing ads to progress. They didn't even bother to add sound.

Prof. Augusta Graham III

I grabs ur attention for a while. There is definitely alot of ads in order to progress to the next level,or upgrade and even double ur money. I have completed the game.There are only 10 levels. Once I reached Los Angeles's, and upgraded my chef's an level, there was nothing else..Good game. but a waste off time.

Robbie Dach

i love the game its simple, fun. but I wish there is a sign in feature so i can save progress so when I switch fone I can download my progress. and most of the time I can't collect my offline earnings even if I have fast wifi and my level up earnings. i hope you add the sign in and fix the earnings. thanks.

Miss Brenna Brown

There's nothing interesting about this game after you make it past the first stage. The numbers get bigger and the colors change, but that's it. Everything's the same. Also everything requires you to watch an ad. The frequent power ups that pop up (like golden sushi or the sumo)? You need to watch an ad to use them. The 2x income bonus? You need to watch an ad to have it. Want it to last for 15 minutes? Watch an ad. This app isn't worth all the ads you'll watch, and certainly not $40/mo for VIP!

Loyce Jakubowski

Blah. Time waster. I downloaded this game thinking it'd be a time management game, but you literally do nothing, just sit and watch as the money builds (without any effort from you) then unlock new things, which makes the money grow faster. but you literally dont need to do anything. and to unlock or do anything else, you have to watch an ad. soooo many ads. I think they made this game just to get ad revenue.

Yasmine Kuhic PhD

it's a fun game, but in order to level up you are required to watch an ad. You can't level up if you don't. I'm sure somewhere this goes against Google Play's terms and agreement policy because it's ridiculous to allow developers make players watch an ad to progress. What a shame. I just read the developer's privacy policy and most of it is about how they use ads for 3rd parties. Sushi Bar is an advertisement machine in disguise. You didn't download a game, you downloaded an app that plays ads.

Hobart Wisoky PhD

It's a cute game. Unfortunately, it's also boring. I will be uninstalling soon. Gameplay consists of leveling up your sushi restaurant and opening up new locations. Get enough coins to upgrade a few aspects of your sushi bar. Then that's it, onto a new location. It feels so repetitive. Coins generate quickly enough that there's no real challenge. It's also easy to watch more ads than there is gameplay. I think that this game has potential, but there's not much there at the moment.

Zachary Haag

I love this game! Its enjoyable to play and isn't crazy hard to level up. I also find it very relaxing and love playing it before bed. the only complaint I have(that's why it's a 4 start rating). I love seeing the different types of sushi, the look good enough to eat, but once you level them all up they all look the same. I find it very boring and genuinely like seeing the different colors \u0026types of sushi on the plates. I would find it much more visually stimulating if they were all different.

Elijah McGlynn

At first glance it looked like a fun game but now it's obvious that it's all about ad revenue. Especially after they added the outrageous VIP offer. The game has no obvious increase in difficulty over time, design flaws that affects the gameplay and obvious typos due to the copy/paste nature of the game. For the price you'd pay per WEEK you could get a service like Netflix or Spotify for a MONTH. Normally I'm all for supporting small devs but this doesn't seem like a passion project at all.

Yvette Douglas

very fun and easy, but you have to upgrade it on your own, i have been playing for 5 minutes snd there have been no \"pop up\" ads, there are optional ads to get a faster time or get different sushi, but it is over all easy.