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Eternal Senia - Hydrangea After The Rain apk

Download Eternal Senia - Hydrangea After The Rain apk for free.

Eternal Senia - Hydrangea After The Rain apk icon

Eternal Senia - Hydrangea After The Rain

Rediscover the simple pleasure of role-playing games!

[The Game]
● Tap the screen to help Senia fight her enemies
● Simple but challenging game mechanics
● Grow stronger with the help of new companions
● A compelling story split into five arcs

[The Story]
The story is driven by the determination

Senia is once again on the quest to find her sister,
but this time, her blade won't be her only companion!

Meet Senia's new friends:

Hugo - Calm even in the face of danger,
but beneath his placitude lurks the dark heritage of a wizard

Briella - Forever optimistic and outgoing,
she is the Bishop of the Holy Capital, Balder

Sophie - A young girl with a mysterious past

...and Priest Magaleta,
the elder sister who has always been so kind to Senia.
Will Senia be able to see her again?

Editor's Note

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Prof. Orlo Kovacek

A really nice game. The gameplay and leveling system is so fluid and easygoing and the tapping is no problem at all. My only issue is the main character...she's cute and strong, but you guys made her waaay too stupid.. like she doesn't even understand the most simple conversations and her choices most of the time are just dumb. I just get so frustrated with her, lol. Other than that, great game!

Shad Padberg

Game is fun at the start, and you get the incentive to level up because you want new abilities, but very soon, you realise the game is the exact same from start to finish, and it gets repetitive fast. The abilities you unlock feel so lackluster compared to the effort spent grinding for them, so much so that you wonder why you did it in the first place. Then there's the tapping, which gets annoyingly tiring after a while, and the only solution is to spend real money to buy the ability to autotap.

Talon Daniel

Unlike many other clicker games, this one is meant to be beaten. The main story can be easily be completed with minimal grinding, and evolving skills and unique enemy mechanics add complexity. Optional stuff is a different beast, but that's to be expected. Great story is the main draw. Biggest problem is grinding upgrade materials. There's no way to make it easier, all you can do is grind until you get them. That's not a problem if you only care for the story, though. Worth getting!

Dr. Milton Wuckert DVM

Love it!!! On my first glance I thought it was not very well but that just thrown away from my mind the longer I play it... Great leveling and looting system but please adjust a bit for the drop rate because it's a bit hard to get the rare things especially for the materials and cards. Nice stories too!! Please continue your effort for the story to go on and I can't wait to see it! I'll be waiting for your update.

Haylee Rippin

This game is great. But I get frustrated by all that tapping the screen and I dont know about all those swords in the game , I mean I cannot tell properly which is the most powerfull one and I dont know whether there is any option that tells us about this. But even then for me the game is superhit, and I seriously love playing it. I request the developers to help me with that sword thing please!

Manuela Abbott

Simple but fun game. Autotap is pretty much required. Drop rates for cards aren't great even on hard. Overall good story, nice sound track and easy to play. The dodge function of the first skill appears to do absolutely nothing. I've timed it perfectly numerous times and you still take full damage which is quite annoying. Hopefully the game expands a bit more and you give the skills some more strength to make them useful. Last note maybe add to the marketplace to be able to trade orbs.

Vicenta Windler

I've only just started playing but I LOVE it so much the game has adorable graphics and great storytelling the only things are that some of the bosses are really hard but that's to be expected for a boss and I like how after you feel like you're a high enough level you can go back and retry to best the boss! the other complaint is that after a while my hand hurts but that's to be expected from a click game so really no major complaints. highly recommend this game!

Zechariah Becker DDS

It's so cute!! I absolutely love it! I like the art style but the prologue story could use a little more effort. The combination of the story and game play is perfect. Plus, it's not confusing where to find things. I'm glad I'm came across this app

Amina Dickens I

Great! To be honest it's the best game I've ever played. Although the tune is sad and make's me cry sometimes. Other than that, I liked everything. And another thing is that it's my frist time rating a game so sorry if this is not helpful.

Mrs. Fabiola Kuvalis MD

well u know. my mom is in hospital. ive been waiting for her for 5 hours for now. its 3 am. well im not saying that game is bad. its pretty good. doesnt force to buy anything. if ure bored its there. why dont u give it a try? after all if ure on play store i bet that u have too much time anyway. so go on download it play it. anime babes are here. have some fun. 5 stares undoubtedly.