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Hungry for a Double-Double®? Download the ONLY official In-N-Out Burger locator app. Created by In-N-Out Burger, this simple-to-use guide utilizes the same map technology you’re already familiar with to instantly locate your nearest In-N-Out Burger location—with a simple tap.

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Miss Pansy Schowalter

Serves no purpose. If I am in an area I know, I already know where In-n-Out is located. If I am in an unfamiliar location, I am using Google Maps. It is better to find locations in Google Maps because you can still get directions even with a detour to get food. Cannot be any more pointless of an app.

Mr. Jalon Wilkinson DDS

Very disappointing that's its only a location app. Get with the times and develop the app so we can order online like the other fast food apps do. It makes visiting more convenient. Once done I might give it 5 stars since everyone loves In-N-Out!

Miss Anna Veum II

This is utterly useless. You can literally use Google quicker and faster than this, all this app is, is a location app. You can't order online or anything, I'd rather use GrubHub/Postmates or even Google rather than this.

Annabel Bednar

in n out needs an app to order your food on within a radius. preorder and paid for with a notification that it's ready. and have a line for that. so that when I go to the window, I wont have such a long wait. lol. wishful thinking.

Myrtice Erdman PhD

Useless doesn't even begin to describe this app. Locations and hours are helpful, but the same information can be found on a search engine without taking up pointless space. Add a menu, online ordering and app-exclusive deals.

Katelyn Bogan

This app is an utter waste of space on my phone. It literally does nothing but show you where the nearest location is. We don't even have a menu to view. Uninstalled in under 60 seconds.

Abraham Hyatt

another pointless app. all it does is tell you where the restaurants are, as though there is no other way to find location and directions. don't waste your time with this one.

Myrna McGlynn DVM

Needs more Development : Nothing but a locater. Needs Deals/Coupons, online ordering, reward program. Released too soon. Going to have a bad rap before it gets off the ground. Fire the developer.

Elinor Parker

App serves no purpose. It doesn't have a y deals like every other fast food stores app, it merely allows you to Google the nearest location. Which Google already does.

Yvonne Bashirian

This app used to have the menu, secret menu and other information. Now it is just a store locator.