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Galaxy sky shooting

Galaxy sky shooting is the best sky airplane shooting game!
If you are a fan of space shooting, you must like it! More spaceships to choose and cool appearance, differ airplane have unique barrage, upgrade the spaceship with stronger power.

Our beautiful galaxy is being attacked, control your spaceship and protect our home. Move your fighter left or right in the sky to avoid the bullet, Exercise controlling to known the regular about the bullet path. differ mode to choose: level, boss and endless mode.

It is most exciting thing that challenge the boss, firepower was concentrated, and with different bullet barrage to attack you, only touch screen to avoid and shoot. Skilled operation is very important, protect your spaceship safe and accumulate damage. It is not only a sky shooting game, but also take your more happiness about life leisure time

Galaxy sky shooting Features:
.Space shooting with airplane
.10 spaceships to choose
.Move left or right to avoid the damage
.Upgrade the airplane to be stronger
.Campaign, endless and boss mode
.Challenge the stronger power boss
.Differ missions to complete
.High quality images optimized

Space shooting is start now, plan your battle strategy well and upgrade your fighter to protect our home!

Editor's Note

Galaxy sky shooting has designed and announced by Ivy. The company who the designed and launched has a wisely knowledge about applications and you will not regret after you download the apk file from our website. You can download the apk file whenever or wherever you want with pretty easy steps. We also scan applications those we are providing you so you don’t have to worry if they have harmful software or viruses. After you download the Galaxy sky shooting apk please check out our other applications from our website.

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Julianne Wiegand III

The problem with this whole thing is that once you get to level 120, there's NO MORE. No one can go any further. Done. Caput That's It. End. Of. The. Line. Otherwise, it's great. P.S. This is my 2nd time downloading it and beating it. As usual, the latest update is as sorry as the rest of these games. Only an additional 10 levels (130), then right back to the same mess. with a dead stop.... Great job.... Already beaten, btw. 140.... Done. 😎 170... been done. Now, updating again for another 10.

Vincenza Marquardt

the game plays amazing no doubt but the owner of this game has to be the most greediest idiot on this planet earth. even when you buy different shapes you cannot use them every game you need to pay coins to use the ships that you have purchased. this idiot who sat in his room and thought that you can make quick money from this I hope he burns in hell

Mckenna Strosin

Game play becomes challenging later on. But low rating is due to this being a game where you have to choose to spend money or be flooded with advertisements in order to go forward. FYI I got to level 70 and had to watch 200+ ads. So I call this a very boring mindset game. As your brain turns off and you stop watching the screen when the ads come up. Of course it did pass time when I had to sit and wait for four hours for Ubuntu to upgrade to Bionic Beaver.

River Gottlieb

Worst gaming, have to purchase most of the things by using your card. They cheat, each time after scoring they increase the price of items which can be purchased with points. I have not seen such cheat.

Sonya Herzog

This game, while entertaining \u0026 players can level up well without making a purchase, is annoying by way of way too many ads. Ads popping up in the middle of game play is not acceptable.. Has significant number of bugs. Eg.. to click on an ad button to get free stuff does not always work. I would click on ad button \u0026 screen would darken, display a spinning circle then go back to game screen without displaying ad to get the free suff. Lots of lag \u0026 frozen screen issues. Buttons often do nothing.

Scot Stark

*Could* be a good game, but unfortunately everything is clustered with ads. No \"remove ads\" microtransaction, only a monthly SUBSCRIPTION, lol (srsly guys?).. If you want to rate the game from inside the app with fewer than 4 stars it doesn't take you to the Playstore. Devs must be really confident with their product \u003e_\u003e besides that, really nice shmup with a cool wingman / ship-switch-mechanic!

Roger Fritsch I

I like this game. it's fun and exciting at the same time, and I'm a gamer so i know what games i like or love, and this game is on the top of my list, matter fact it's number #1.

Vern Beahan

fab game. brill graphics and entertainment, can't put it dowback !!! Once you start playing ya never or stop and never want to !!! AWESOME FIVE WELL DESERVED STARS!!!! RATE ING IS WELL EARNED IT KEEP IT UP . THANKS

Myrtis Hickle

This game is AWESOME!!! It has a lot of ADS but the cut it down quite a bit from what it use to be. Plus the graphics are AWESOME!!!

Alejandra Senger

veru fun and addictive, i don't play a lot of games, especially mobile games, but this game takes me back to my childhood and it works great, great time passer when i get bored and decide to play a game.