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Baby Tracker - PiyoLog

PiyoLog is a childcare record-keeping app that can be shared by a couple in real time.
This mother and child health notebook app lets you keep records of milk, diaper changing, sleep, and the like with easy one-handed operation!
It provides a variety of features including a nursing timer, summary function, growth curve function, and more.

◆Built-in sharing function◆
Your input is shared immediately, so both parents can check on the baby's records anytime.
On days when daddy is taking care of the baby while mommy is out, mommy can still have peace of mind by checking sleep times and milk amounts when daddy records them.

◆Record types◆
Nursing, Formula, Pumped breast milk, Baby food, Snacks, Poop, Pee, Sleep, Temperature, Height, Weight, Baths, Walks, Coughing, Rashes, Vomiting, Injuries, Medicine, Hospitals, and any other information you like, as well as a childcare diary (with photos)

◆Unique features◆
・Designed for easy, one-handed operation even while nursing, etc.
・Equipped with time bar function providing daily summary at a glance
・Automatically aggregates and displays one-day amounts for nursing time, milk quantity, sleeping time, etc.
・Summarizes weekly variation in meals, sleep, bowel movements, and temperature in easily viewable graph
・Enables you to check how baby is growing with growth curve
・Notifies you of next nursing time

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Wayne Morissette

Noduus app, very easy to use, especially timer for breastfeeding ans sleep logs.

Alexander Kuhic

It's a great app, but I wish they displayed right/left breast info in the chart section and had graphs not only for weight\u0026height, but also for feeding time (overall and for each breast) and diaper change times.

Buck Russel

This app is easy to use, tracks a lot, has great features like the timer, and lets me and my partner coordinate seamlessly.

Mr. Payton Oberbrunner

I've used this app for a long while and as a whole I really like it for its ease of use. I do wish that for the nursing timer you could pause/unpause via the dropdown menu on your phone rather than having to switch directly to the app. That would put it at 5 stars for me!

Jayson Rogahn

good app out of my expectation ~ easy to catch the pattern

Olga Hoppe

Lifesaver app! The most complete and versatile one for sure. Thank you for making this available for free!

Sidney Shanahan

this is really cute and everything but i can't enter how much my son eat by hand i have a choice of 5 or 10 ml so this app doesn't work for me if it wasn't for that i would give 5 stars

Tina Treutel

Best app so far just wish there was a button to select breastmilk or formula

Mr. Arvid Watsica Jr.

Very Useful. The Best App for Tracking Baby's Events.

Alvah Kihn

very friendly layout. helps a lot:)