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Hellopet - Cute cats, dogs and other unique pets apk

Download Hellopet - Cute cats, dogs and other unique pets apk for free.

Hellopet - Cute cats, dogs and other unique pets apk icon

Hellopet - Cute cats, dogs and other unique pets

☆★☆Cute! Fun! Social!☆★☆

Do you love animals but can’t adopt your own?

Do you want a friendly companion by your side?

Or do you just love adorable animals?

Then Hellopet’s for you! Using screen overlay technology, you can have cats, dogs and more cute animals running around your home screen. Or visit My Room to create a fun home for your pets!
Unlock new pets, items, and rooms by collecting or buying cookies! Collect hearts by clearing the I'm Hungry! Mini game! Share your creations in Pet Chat, visit friends’ rooms and leave messages in their Guestbook. Your pet will keep you updated on missed texts, the time, your battery level and much more!

- When you download Hellopet, choose your first cat or dog for free
- Now you can adopt pets by participating in our newly added Daily Check-in and Pet Chance Event
- Also you can adopt pets by using cookies, purchasing cookies in the Cookie Store, etc.
*Visit Pet Park to see pets available for adoption! (New pets currently under development)
Ragdoll, Chick, Flying Squirrel, Munchkin, Welsh Corgi, Shiba Inu, Red Monkey, Siberian Husky, Scarlet Macaw, Chihuahua, Orange Tabby, Dachshund, Fat Cat, Chameleon, Maltese, Russian Blue, Golden Retriever, Siamese, Tubby HamZzi, Scottish Fold, Boston Terrier, and Turkish Angora. (Pets available as of 08/17)

- Share funny moments with your pets
- Ask questions about Hellopet to friends
- Pet Chat Gallery mode lets you see the best Pet Chat snaps
- Find new friends
- Share fan art pictures, links, and your favourite Pet Chat posts

♥The Mini Game - I'm Hungry!♥
- The I’m Hungry! Game is a challenging puzzle where users feed pets by clearing a level
- Score points for matching 4 or more of the same snack
- Clear levels and receive hearts
- A Wild pet appears on players’ home screen if they clear 5 levels

- Decorate My Room with a variety of items that your pets can interact with (wallpaper, flooring, furniture, pet supplies, and more with each update!)
- Feed and use to toys to play with pets
- Take a picture, save, and share your decorated My Room

- Hearts appear above your pets’ heads as you play, feed, and tap your pet
- Get hearts when you decorate My Room, interactive with pets

- Take pets out from My Room, and they freely run, talk, and play on your screen
- Interact with pets by using Voice Commands and tap ‘!’ speech bubbles when they appear
- Pets’ responses change with your daily mobile habits
- Pets give up to date weather, time, and battery alerts

- Send ‘Hello’ messages to Hellopet friends and your pet will briefly visit their home screen
- Send a pet’s picture with a short message to friends without Hellopet through almost any messenger.

**Join the Hellopet community on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for events & more**
*FB: https://www.facebook.com/HellopetGlobal
*TW: @hellopet_global
*Insta: @hellopet_global

♥Hellopet Permissions Information♥
Below are the permissions which are necessary in order to operate the Hellopet app.
Users can use Hellopet without enabling optional permissions.

•Storage(Required): Download update files, saved images, My Room screenshots, and save Pet Chat photos
•Microphone(Optional): Enables voice commands for your pets
•Contacts(Optional): Enables voice commands to make calls and write SMS messages
•Phone, Contacts(Optional): Enables pets to notify users when they have a missed call or unread message
•Device ID(Optional): Enables app to recognize ads opened from offerwalls and give rewards

♥Managing permissions♥
Android versions 6.0 and later: Settings> Application Manager> Hellopet> App Permissions> Allow access
Android versions prior to 6.0: Will be required to update to version 6.0 to access the permissions menu

Editor's Note

When you need an application for your device but need it as apk file, you can always visit our website to download it like Hellopet - Cute cats, dogs and other unique pets apk. The version of the apk file is 3.3.11 and decide if you need this version or not. And if you want to know when the apps got an update the last update came on Feb. 8, 2019. You can also check the Applepie Studio Inc. if you have any doubt if it is original or fake. After you download the apk file from website please don’t forget to check out other applications we provide you for free and at the highest download speed. Thanks for using our website to download applications.

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Parker Durgan

This game is very adorable and the idea of a pet on your screen is very cute. While these factors sum up the adorableness, it doesn't satisfy me in the sense that the pets will be on your screen, and sometimes say small cute little messages, which are usually like \"I think today was a great day\" or \"You're so nice!\" But some messages I got were very creepy. I just got one saying \"You look good in sky blue.\" The sweatshirt that I am wearing is exactly sky blue.

Prof. John Zulauf DVM

THIS IS THE BEST PET APP EVER!!!!! If u get this app, u will get to choose between 2 pets. I chose the Boston Terrier. He is the cutest little puppy EVER!! Even when I'm not on the app, he's still on the screen! And if u don't want that, dont worry! they have settings so u won't have to see him when you're off the app!!! u can talk to him, and when u tap on him, he runs away as fast as he can with a little smile on his face!!!🐶🐶

Mrs. Vernie Grimes

Dear, Applepie Studio Inc. I'm so thankful for this app! With this it’s like I can play with and my dog, Even when I'm not home! I can also play with my old dogs that I, unfortunately, do not own any more. Thank you so much Applepie Studio Inc. ! Sincerely, A Loving Customer.

Prof. Ryder Frami

I love this app. I'm addicted to it. However, I have 2 issues. The first one, is that when I complete the \"Get free cookies\" ads, I don't always receive my cookie reward. I would like that fixed. Also, the PetChat isn't child-friendly. People post inappropriate things a lot of the time, and I don't like that. It would be better if HelloPet had a feature that you are only able to post things that are about the app, rather than whatever they want to post. Because that causes online dating.

Teresa Hettinger IV

love this App. 9/10 would recommend. There is a few things i would like to see done though. For one i would like to see an easier way to obtain cookies. I can already see they've added a few ways to get them since i first downloaded the game. Its a step in the right direction. Also i would like to see more Animals added. i feel that the Animal selection is very small. (personal opinion here but i think that the \"Song Song\" or whatever is kinda lame. would like a new Dog or Cat instead.)

Prof. Aleen Barrows Sr.

This game is so cute and adorable! But, i can't get free cookies! Can u pls add more ways to get free cookies? I think it'd be better if u add more minigames so that i can get more cookies and hearts. Oh, and i also hope that u make me able to get cookies by paying it with hearts and add expression where a pet can interact with the other pet!

Johann Grady

it's great but I have a... problem, the \"get free cookies\" thing doesn't even work but it's not about me or my phone in any way, I tried it on my other account once or twice but the cookies didn't appear but I'm starting to get the feeling that it's not supposed to work and there are flaws in this app, you have to watch ridiculously amount of ads just to get a pet, maybe the devs can lower it down and I know that may not make the devs as much money but the experience will be improved

Mr. Adalberto O'Conner

I love this game! the pets are adorable, the tapjoy is great, and the pet master road is a great way to get pets without all of that hassle! But when I was trying to get an egg on the pet master road, it told me I couldn't watch any videos. I've been having this problem for hours, and I really want to get an egg! Other than that, I give 4 stars due to the problem.

Jadon Schamberger

I really like the game but... Can you please.fix the ads on the egg on the pet master road?? I need to watch one more ad but it hasn't for almost a month!!! And one other thing, you can't say the word suck but you can curse!Ex:you can say the f word but god forbid the word shoes!! Other wise its a wonderful game!

Darrell Grimes II

its so cute! i love the idea.but what i thought was creepy was one of my cats said this. \"Mommys here!!!!\" okay how do thay now im a girl? like can thay see me? but yeah just saying. but other than that i love it!!!😍 thank you!!much love! and have a good day!