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Rabbit Air

Purify your air from anywhere with this app from Rabbit Air. Compatible with the MinusA2 SPA-780N, this app will allow you to monitor air quality and control purification whether you’re sitting on the couch or away from the house. Enjoy the effortless experience of clean air simply by using your Android device.

Total Control
Manage your air purifier from anywhere while connected to WiFi.

Air Quality Monitor
Keep an eye on the air quality in your house and settings on your device, even when you’re away.

You Say When
Set your air purifier to run on a weekly schedule.

Maintenance Reminders
Don’t worry about keeping track of filter replacement and cleaning; the machine will remind you.

Preferred Display
Adjust the LED light display, mood light, and air quality indicator to give off more or less light, depending on your preference.

Manage Account
Access your account, order filters, and monitor multiple air purifiers right from your app.

Airflow Integration
Control the fan speed to cycle through the air based on your purification needs.

Setting Control
Switch from Auto Mode to Turbo Mode or a Manual Mode for effortless and remote changes.

File Access
Quickly access manual and troubleshooting guides

Real-time Alerts
Never miss a thing with alerts that notify you if something is amiss.

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Mrs. Ayla Reynolds

Basic functionality in this app. I don't see much room for improvement aside from increasing the clarity of what the 5 specific buttons do in the device overlook page. I think it would also be a good idea to offer device performance history in the form of charts. That would give users an idea of how bad the air has been and at what times of day or week it might be worst at. Minor bug report: If i manually shut the unit off and on again, then open this app, it shows my unit as still off.

Maude Lemke

The app is very basic, although it does everything that's needed. It would be great if i could set different fan speeds during different times on DIFFERENT days. Also, it seems to get slow or no feedback from the unit sometimes. I'll have to resend a command twice. just something I've noticed.

Corbin Wilderman

Somewhat underwhelming app, with its only redeeming value being able to turn on the air filter remotely and seeing your filter life. It would be amazing if the filter told me more info about my air quality. Getting the device to pair up via wifi was fairly fustrating. After a lot of trial and error, I was able to pair the device by \"forgetting\" my home wifi on the phone first. That seemed to work. RabitAir needs to better QA the app pairing functionality.

Dr. Marvin Von DDS

update fixed connection issues. works fine now.

Betty Auer

Scheduling functionality is inconsistent at best. Even with a defined schedule, the unit is often times turned off. Scheduling also does not stay active or represent what the unit is actually doing. Great idea but in its current state, the app is pretty useless as is.

Margarete Streich

So far I am really liking the app, but please add an \"auto\" setting to the schedule, instead of just one fan setting for each hour.

Bonita Kuhic

can't set up the wifi, won't get passed waiting for rabbit connection in the set up.

Edgardo Johnston II

junk - crashed during SETUP

Alexandria Senger

Doesn't work. Couldn't get pass putting in my email.

Eudora Lubowitz Sr.

could not sign in it keeps telling me user exsist even though this is my first time creating an account.