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ANGLR Fishing App - Fishing Logbook of Your Trips apk

Download ANGLR Fishing App - Fishing Logbook of Your Trips apk for free.

ANGLR Fishing App - Fishing Logbook of Your Trips apk icon

ANGLR Fishing App - Fishing Logbook of Your Trips

A fishing app for anglers who want to improve their fishing, ANGLR transforms your device into a powerful fishing intelligence tool. Review fishing reports & catch fish based on historical data to constantly improve.

ANGLR offers two optional fishing tracking accessories. Log fishing trip catches, waypoints and more with Bluetooth and rod-mounted fishing accessories that instantly record fishing data.

Drop over 15 waypoints and review fishing conditions before you go. Map GPS routes, mark catches in a fishing logbook, and automatically capture fishing conditions. Analyze your activity using your personal fishing analytics dashboard. Share fishing points and collaborate.

Fishing spots can be explored within the app, review the fishing forecast based on your past data. ANGLR is 100% free and private by default. Your spots are your spots. ANGLR was built by anglers for anglers.

Freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing, bass fishing, fly fishing, ice fishing, kayak fishing and more - ANGLR helps track & map all fishing trips.

Fishing intelligence with ANGLR - 3 ways to fish smarter:

Fishing App with Fishing Intelligence
- Fish Spots: Record, track, and measure fishing activity.
- Fishing Trip Planning: Trip analytics, historical fishing data & stats.
- Fishing Tracker: Detailed fishing profile, video fishing reports, private and public sharing.
- Fishing weather conditions and water patterns using minute by minute trip breakdowns.

Fishing Tracker
- Fishing is easier with automatic tracking of weather and water conditions.
- Fishing GPS trip & route tracking.
- Fishing Journal with detailed trip & catch logs (locations, photos, length, weight, notes, tackle).
- Fishing Logbook is improved with optional devices for convenient data recording.

Fishing Trip Profile & Insights
- Fishing Map: Store fishing locations, coordinates, and waypoints privately.
- Fishing Stats tracker to compare fishing performance over time using trip, catch, and tackle statistics.
- Fishing forecast based on your historical fishing data, on mobile and web.
- Fishing video reports and fishing trip analytics.
- Share fishing waypoints, trips, & catches privately with your friends.
- Fishing spots & experiences to share.

Anglers of all kinds can benefit from ANGLR:
- Kayak fishing
- Bass fishing
- Drift boating
- Powered boat fishing
- Saltwater fishing
- Fly fishing
- Ice fishing
- Bank fishing and wading

Fishing Accessories
- Fish tracking accessories can be purchased separately to enhance your fishing experience
- ANGLR Bullseye instantly records catches and waypoints
- ANGLR tracker automatically detects and records important fishing info

More features
- Fishing trips & reports with video
- GPS route of fishing trips with all catches & waypoints
- Fishing analytics: review fishing data trends
- Waypoints: Add, edit, delete or share waypoints
- Tackle: build a virtual fishing tackle box for valuable insights on fishing tackle
- Fishing pictures: photos are securely stored and searchable by fishing trip, catches, or in a combined gallery

Catch fish and track your fishing & trip data with ANGLR. Download now to plan, record and improve fishing.

ANGLR is a fishing intelligence platform (app+devices+community) created to help avid anglers constantly improve together. It consists of your free fishing profile across devices, optional fishing tracker accessories, and a community of passionate anglers.

ANGLR uses GPS to record activities during your fishing trips. For some devices, the fishing GPS does not work properly and ANGLR will not record accurately. If your recordings show poor route and location behavior, update the operating system to the most recent version. There are some devices which have consistently poor performance with no known remedies.

To contact us and see frequently asked questions, please visit

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Filomena Murphy

downloaded and went to sign up for an account and app won't allow, keeps freezing and not responding at sign up page. ill hang onto it for a week and see if bug is fixed. phone: LG G One I uninstalled and reinstalled a few times and it started working properly. Thank you for responding quickly. Updated stars for good service to users and will update again when i get the chance to use the app some. Thank you.

Johnnie Weissnat

App is really, really slow and froze on me when trying to add waypoint. Seems like they just copied fishbrain. Much better app. Wont be installed long I'm sure. ##Just received response from developers, which was fast I'll hang in there long enough to see the update. Hope it fixes things.

Austen Stehr

update. May 2019. looks like new update fixed alot of my issues. it's at least working now and I can upload pics and fill out catch details, seems like the tackle section is better now too. now I can start using this app. went from 2 stars to 4.5 stars.

Mr. Alfonso Yundt II

Had a slight glitch with the app, more my issue than the app. The help desk and customer service were great. This app with the Bullseye product makes a fantastic accessory for any fisherman.

Frederik O'Keefe

app is slow, push button and wait. kept crashing. not impressed at all.

Dr. Marlene Rohan

Keeps locking up my phone. lgv30 so its relatively new. So now i have a button that is useless.

Dr. Dianna Balistreri

updated 4/14/19: can now add photos, still a little buggy but it hasn't force closed yet with this new update. records gps of trips and catches with the bullseye, only if you have cell service. took a while but i was able to get a refund for the trackers i ordered as they were wildly unreliable. i really feel that this company cares about customer satisfaction and developing a useful product, and i would be confident in purchasing another tracker if they work on updating and improving the tech.

Adolf Lowe I

Great potential with the system. Button logs input only most of the time so not confident enough to not keep checking the connected devices yet. App is buggy and slow and just needs work. Adding pictures is hit and miss. Once they upload you can't edit orientation so they come out sideways. Water temp does not show. It tells me to choose a temp gauge and I can't figure out how. Outside temp and pressure are awesome features. They work well. Can't figure out how to add notes. Waiting for update

Thomas Denesik

My Bullseye FOB does not communicate with my phone. It doesn't register my catches! LG G5 phone.

Dr. Milan Herman

app has issues. :( keeps freezing up. unable to respond, options... close app, wait etc. Did it so much I unloaded the app and restarted the phone. When I tried to download the Angle app again.... it won't download.... says pending. And I want to go fishing today WITH the angle app. :(