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Opsu!(Beatmap player for Android) apk

Download Opsu!(Beatmap player for Android) apk for free.

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Opsu!(Beatmap player for Android)

Opsu is an open-source version of osu! written in java and it is now on the play store. You can download beatmaps from anywhere you want and play them on your phone, and even post your scores on leaderboards to compete with friends!

Opsu is published under the GNU GPL v3 licsence
The code for Opsu can be found here:
Opsu's fork for android is here:
Code for this app:
Credits for everyone who contributed their artwork to this app are here:

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Hellen Orn

Sheesh, this is basically osu! but you can play on the go. It may be missing a few features from osu! but that's fine. The mods, the skins and beatmaps work just fine too, especially from the osu! website. However, I recommend putting in a gameplay tutorial for beginners who've never played osu! before.

Emily Glover

I love the game all in all and its my 7th month playing it, but just as I tried to play it, I can't tap anything while the song is playing. It worked really fine yesterday and the day before. I already tried uninstalling then installing it back but its still not working. A friend of mine who also plays this game has no problem on his' whatsoever. I dunno if its just me, but I do hope that this gets fixed. I miss playing my songs \u003e.\u003c

Rosa Medhurst

? I don't know why everytime I download a skin for Opsu, the options for the game itself never shows. I have to delete the skin itself to get it working again. pls fix this problem, this game is very addicting and useful when I'm away with my PC. ;-;

Mrs. Coralie Fritsch DDS

The best osu player for mobile. I run it on my s8+ with a pen that has a little rubber tip on it so it simulates touch and an RCA tablet computer running a chrome OS with a mouse and keyboard. Much like osu on pc, it'll run on pretty much anything with a little tweaking. I highly enjoy it. Playing any map above a 4-5 star with touch is a pain but with a bluetooth mouse and keyboard it runs beautifully. I could run 7-8 stars on the RCA before i saw any sort of lag. You guys did an amazing job.

Prof. Rafaela Glover DDS

its very fun but at one point it didnt recognize my taps so I kept failing. I reset the app multiple times, reset my phone, and even deleted the app and reinstalled it. It doesnt show cursor sensitivity in settings either so I dont know how to fix the problem and play osu again :/

Dr. Mazie Balistreri

For those who want custom beatmaps, if you have a PC, install Osu! then make an account. If you do, you can sign into that account on your phone or whatever on the Osu! website. From there you can search beatmaps and download them onto your device! Once you have got a beatmap you like, go to downloads \u003e recent (select the map and click \"move to...\") \u003e opsu \u003e import (then click move.) next time you load Opsu! the map will be there! If you dont have a PC like me, ask a friend with a PC to make one

Esperanza Parker

Opsu is okay now. It has bg video now and circles don't go off screen anymore. there are a few problems though, you can't disable 300's unless you manually change it in your skin folder, and background videos have sound for some reason.

Heaven Walker

This is a great alternative to osu!droid. This game does everything better, but the game could be improved by adding a fixed CS/OD instead of having everything customizable. Most people are playing on phones and even the lowest CS is still pretty small. You should also allow multiple cursors on the screen instead of the cursor just keeping its position from the last touch.

Dr. Winifred Kunze

I used to play this game before but after i got a new phone i noticed that the new uodate made it that i cant download beatmaps, dont say that i dont know how to download beatmaps. I even checked the files and the song was there but pressing import simply doesnt work. Please fix this ASAP

Prof. Jo Hettinger Sr.

Its a good app for osu. Only the spinners are a little weird and sometimes don't work. you could also give players an option to click using 2 buttons like on the computer as its pretty much impossible to hit triple circles without.

  • Author
    Anirudh Rahul
  • Publish date
    May. 16, 2019
  • Latest version
  • Requirements
    Android 15 and above
  • File Size
    Varies with device
  • Package Name
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