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Download Zego Resident App apk for free.

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Zego Resident App

The Zego Resident App is designed for residents of apartment communities that utilize the Zego platform.

The Resident App allows residents to do various things such as:
- Control smart home devices powered by Zego Smart.
- Purchase services such as dog-walking or apartment cleaning from the Zego Marketplace
- Purchase additional approved and supported smart devices from the Device Store.
- Chat with property management staff and receive property-wide announcements in a native chat experience.
- Do various other administrative things such as pay rent or submit a work order.
- View property policies and other notices.

The Zego platform is an all-in-one, fully-integrated tool for creating modern, digitally engaged apartment communities. Our simple and user-friendly platform improves residents' experience and saves time for property staff.

You must be a resident at a Zego-powered property to use the app. For more information on how to get Zego installed in your apartment, contact us at [email protected]

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Dominic Crooks

I can't pay my rent, every time I try I get an error message saying \"invalid data\" I've tried uninstalling the app, logging out and I've even reset the box with no luck. I've even sent a message to management through the app but haven't been responded to. Rent is due and this app is the only authorized payment method...

Ms. Linnea Ebert Jr.

plugged in or not with the ethernet cable, still unable to 'control' anything!! Updated, Uninstalled, reinstalled app and still unable to use. hasn't worked since Feb 25th!! Reseidence had no say on this feature but still charged a monthly fee to use! RIP off!! more bugs than you think!

Dr. Eddie Bahringer V

unable to change lock code or adjust temp. It worked for a little while. Contacted Zego via chat and email. They do not respond. I wish my complex would go back to keys and a regular thermostat.

Norberto Borer

hi,it's my first time doing this.its very helpful for me.i thankyou all.my landlord,managers at the hive apartments.

Tillman Waters

it was working great then suddenly it wont open at all. I've been told to update, I did and it opened that on time then stopped again. Being able to unlock the door from my car when I know my hands will be full it great, when your app actually works.

Claire Bartell III

very nice lots of good information thank you we enjoy living here!

Joyce Raynor DDS

what's the point of a smart lock, when the app won't actually unlock it. worked fine until the last update. now, nothing.

Elisha Shanahan

keep getting kicked out.

Prof. Tatum Pfeffer Sr.

your app keeps telling me to update guess what is missing an update button.

Fidel Ledner

keep getting activation emails but when i download and try activate it ask phone number then a password which i am not able to set up using email. What is the problem. you keeping giving the same instructions that do not work. Communication is not helpful and a waste of time and energy