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Draw Me!

The social drawing app where people draw each other.

Create a selfie, submit it and talented people from all around the world can draw a portrait of you! Or paint a masterpiece inspired by one of the many photos.

Simple but powerful drawing tools:
- multiple brushes with different textures and opacity (airbrush, pen, paintbrush. etc)
- pan&zoom,
- multi-step undo-redo
premium tools:
- smudge brush
- eyedropper
- layers

You can also just scroll through the many paintings of the community's best artists and you will find everything: from amazing masterpieces to simple doodles and cartoon caricatures in various styles. Our community welcomes every creative people, regardless of skill level. A quick, funny sketch can also get you many likes!

"Draw me like one of your french girls" - as the famous line goes, but this time you don't need an artistic friend, you have all the artists in the world to help.

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Prof. Amy West

Good but would be better if you could put photos from your gallery but, not letting you put nsfw photos. I prefer digital art on my phone and I want other people to draw some of my art but they can't. Other than this, really good app!

Dr. Caleb Windler I

has a very limited range for colours, which is an awful idea for drawing people. very primitive drawing UI, so if you post your face you probably won't get promising results. wouldn't recommend this app. if they added a better colour selector that would be a huge improvement from this.

Irma Olson

Needs a bigger community and better forums tab to succeed. Also give us more tools to use when drawing, dont be greedy because that will result in less people using it

Joelle Schuster

Doesnt tell you how to use it! I put in the hashtag #eddsworld. And I wanted to do one, the one that said draw anyone from eddsworld! HOW?!?! it's not in add drawing, I cant add on or whatever at the drawing, so what the heck!!

Andreane Wyman

Love it! Lots of fun. Add a blending tool and the ability to zoom in and out please!

Nia Hansen

I highly recommend this app, it gives you ideas to draw because you can draw somthing from someone else and it really helps with bordem.

Kaci Bartoletti DDS

This app is great! I just wish you could use pictures from your gallery.

Miss Astrid Trantow

not pleased i got blocked on everything..i cant do anything and i didnt do anything so stupid they wont talk it out with you..ffs

Miss Jackeline Bergnaum II

I wish this had a desktop version, sadly I'm only good with a graphics tablet and I can't afford the premium. :(

Zita Thiel

It made me sign in and I'm just eight years old I am eight eight!!!