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IQ Test - How smart are you? apk

Download IQ Test - How smart are you? apk for free.

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IQ Test - How smart are you?

If you can score a 180+ on this IQ Test, you are a true genius!

If you always wanted wondered about your intelligence quotient, this app is just the right thing for you. This app tests you on verbal ability, logical reasoning and quantitative aptitude, among several other factors. The questions may not be the same each time you take a test, so it is very difficult to cheat!

The difficulty of the questions depends on the age group you fall in, so be prepared! Your IQ score is calculated based on the number of questions you answered correctly, their difficulty and your age.

- Login with Facebook and Google
- Global leaderboards. See how you rank among a million others across the world!
- View answers and detailed explanations of the questions
- Percentile evaluation of your test performance

- Android version 4.0.3 and above

We would really appreciate your suggestions for future updates. :)

a) Different IQ tests have different ways of evaluation, so the test scores may differ in each. The scores you get in this test are in no way "accurate", it is just an evaluation of you performed on this test. This app is for people who would like to get better each time they take a test, and have fun in the process. So keep trying and keep improving your scores!
b) Though this is mentioned in the instructions, many people press "SUBMIT" before answering all the questions. PLEASE press "SUBMIT" after you have navigated through ALL the questions. A lot of people have given negative reviews over this issue. Please read the INSTRUCTIONS before attempting a test.

Your use of 'IQ Test - How smart are you?' is free of charge in exchange for safely using some of your device's resources (WiFi and very limited cellular data), and only when you are not using your device. You may turn this off from the settings menu. Please see our TOS for further information:
Additionally, by installing this app, you agree to the following privacy policies:

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Leanne Nader

I thought this was going to be cheesy prank app to tell your friends you're a genius. I enjoyed it, the questions are actually pretty challenging. I got an average 105 score which means this app is pretty accurate. Also, dont feel discouraged if you happen to get a low IQ score. This app is meant to enjoy solving puzzles, if you dont like it then find somthing or another talent.

Ms. Lois Yost

Not accurate IQ score. Questions are easy and only 15 questions. This app gives you high IQ score. They want you to believe that you are intelligent. Average and below average IQ person gives this app a 5 star rating because that got a high score.

Melba Considine

Some others were complaining that your score doesn't change: this isn't true for me. I got 165 the first time and 177 the second time, and my score kept being different each time. They also conveniently calculate your average for you. My only complaint is that I got 177 at all. The questions are much too easy. I'm 12, by the way, and I'm not by any means a genius. There is no way I would've gotten 177 on a real IQ test.

Marie Gulgowski DVM

161 at age 55 ive dropped exactly 10 iq points since i was 17. we all loose some as we age (made up for by the wisdom of experience) and a 10 point drop is not bad at all even with the margin for error and variability of questions.

Prof. Bruce Wisoky IV

most of the questions didnt even make sense especially the series ones there were no series it was just numbers thrown together with no correlation not even if they were prime or anything just random, i hope people dont take this app seriously for a defining IQ, but some questions were still good except the which number does she like better question, like what does that mean how can we tell what number she likes from no pattern in the other numbers. solid app still.

Darrel Lehner

really? have to \"sign in\" with your Google or Facebook account information??? yeah, I dont think so. Going to delete it before I ever open it.

Yadira Lindgren III

Those questions are too easy to test IQ of a person. I got 190 to 200 . Impossible! this cannot be the correct measurement.

Dion Wehner I

This test is pretty good. Just understand its. a math based test. However, you really have to think outside the box on these. Its hard but fun.

Uriel Bauch

Not enough questions snd not difficult enough. Besides the bad accuracy, what standard deviation are the scores based on?

Prof. Leonardo Predovic

Challenging but fun. Nice to remember the only thing i really learned from school was how to make educated guesses half the time